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M15: Red Square
Walkthrough By: Crimson
Published :November 8th, 2003
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Mission: M15 Red Square
Location: Moscow, Russia
Time & Date: 10 November 2008, 11:00
Mission Type: Assault
1.) Relieve pinned down troops
2.) Take Nikolskaya Tower
3.) Take Spasskaya Tower
4.) Avoid civilian casualties

Alpha Squad: Rifleman, Demo, and Sniper
Bravo Squad: Rifleman, Demo, and Sniper
Note: You won’t be using Bravo Squad unless something unanticipated happens to Alpha… IE your demo expert gets K.I.A… etc.

Kits: It’s your preference. What ever you shoot best with is the way to go. I happen to like using a suppressed weapon, so I will mainly be going with the SOCOM. Again, it’s up to you.

This is the final show down in the Ghost Recon campaign. This mission has a little of everything in it; assaulting, destroying enemy armor, and relieving fellow U.S. troops. The terrain here shouldn’t cause much of a problem, because it’s of urban type.

Saddle up, the final showdown begins!

Here you will see the route this walkthrough will be guiding you through.

Of course, there are multiple ways of completing the mission, but this one seems the most straight forward.

This mission starts with you being inserted in the Northwestern section of the area. You don’t need to worry about tangos until you start moving. Start moving South East in-between the two buildings in B5, and C4, then stop, and observe your surroundings.

Up ahead you should see this bus. Around the corner behind the bus is where you will engage in your first action.

Slowly walk up the bus around the backside of it, and eliminate all your foes. Be advised, there are civilians in the area, so watch what you shoot!

Now you should have a clear view of where we will be going to next.

This alley will lead you to the first objective, which is to relieve the pinned down troops.


Move into this position. The U.S. troops are located in the building ahead of you, so try to not shoot in that general direction.

The tangos are around the corner, and will open fire quickly. Eliminate the tangos as soon as possible, to avoid casualties.


Once you’ve rescued the troops, don’t expect any help, as they will run out of the area.

Hopefully you’re following the path listed above, and you should see this building


Enter it, but be careful. Once you are inside, tangos lurk about!

Quickly take down this three man patrol before they open fire on your squad. Then start into the hallway and move to the stairs that are ahead, and to your left.


Before you get to the stairs, your Threat Indicator (if you’re playing with it enabled) will light up red.

The tangos it’s referring to are above you. Eliminate them ASAP!


Hopefully you’re still on the right path. (No pun intended.) Once you’ve gone up the stairs, switch over to your sniper, and proceed due north. Soon enough, you will come across these mean looking fellers:
I think you know what do with them…

Once your at the end of the hallway, switch over to your demo expert. Why? Because once you get outside, there will be an unfriendly Russian tank out there, which needs to be destroyed. If you don’t see it at first, wait a minute or so.


This is the end result:

One Russian made tank with smoke billowing out of the top.


This next part in the mission can be quite tricky, so be careful. Position your sniper so he’s looking between a destroyed APC and the building you just come out of.

Tangos should start coming out from around the corner, so pop them as they do. If they don’t come out right away, slowly work your way to the corner, but do not go around it.

Be careful going around the corner, as there is a machine gun nest, a three man patrol, and another tank. Eliminate them as swiftly as possible.

Once you’ve done that, the last couple minutes of the mission are a cakewalk. Destroy the last tank, and mop up the last few tangos.

Following this plan, this was my mission outcome:

Hopefully this walkthrough of Red Square helped you, but more importantly, you had fun completing the mission. As stated before, there are a few different ways of tackling this mission, so you can always go about it in different ways. Good job and good luck with Desert Siege and Island Thunder.


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