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M14 - Willow Bow
Walkthrough By: Sartillies
Published :January 20th, 2004
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Location: Toropec, Russia
Time & Date: October 23, 2008 - 13:00
Mission Type: Assault
1.) Take North Pass
2.) Take South Pass
3.) Take The Top Of The Hill
4.) Neutralize Russian Camp
Rifleman - M16 / M203
Rifleman - M16 / Sensor
Rifleman - M16 / M203
Rifleman - M16 / M203
Support - M249 / Frags
Sniper - M24 / M9


Ready For Action

Mission 14 takes place on a huge mountain full of machine gun nest, snipers, and extremely well armed soldiers. On the upside however, you got some boys from the 1st armored division with two M2 Bradleys to provide support on the mission. A quick note on the briefing however: it states you will be going against armor, but there is no need to worry about tanks on this trip, there are none. One thing to keep in mind about this mission is that snipers are everywhere, so don't think just because nothing is moving that your safe...

Taking The North Pass

When you insert into the mission, set your sniper to hold up in the nearby patch of woods. Have alpha and bravo teams go up the northeast pass on recon orders. Keep your eyes open, when you get around the B5 area keep your eyes on on D6. There should be a sniper up there waiting to ambush your troops. When you spot him, order you team to hold and switch over to your non-M203 rifleman to take the shot. We he's gone, continue to send you troops up the mountain, and hold at E8/E9.

Check your command map, you should notice that a bradley and some infantry are coming up behind you, wait for them to catch up to your position. When the brad goes around the corner, it should stat to engage some Russian troops. When that happens swing around behind it and lay down suppressive fire in the bushes it's shooting at. After a few seconds, send bravo team with suppress orders to D10 and have them cover D11/D12. Switch alpha back to assault and have them move north around the house at E10/E11 and try to flank any Russians the bradley missed. Watch out for some troops at F12 however, because one of them is packing a anti-tank rocket and will destroy the bradley soon as it gets the chance.

It'll start to get quiet after a few moments, but get ready for small counter attacks. Russian reinforcements like to come from D11, (Which bravo team has covered.) G12, and G8 (Both of which your tem can cover from F11.). When the fight is over, the bradley and the other friendly troops will move in and secure the area. If you still haven't received the objective complete message, circle the area a few time slowly and check for any scraps of Russian troops.

Taking The South Pass

When the north pass belongs to you, switch over to bravos rifleman and put both your team and alpha team on recon orders and head for E9. When you get there, have alpha hold up in the woods and you and the machine gunner head for G5. After a few moments you should spot a large Russian patrol down near the hotel. Switch over to you M203 and fire one in there direction when they stop moving. You should be able to take them all out with one nade, but if not, switch over to assault and clean up anything that sticks it head up. When the patrol is down, have bravo cover the area with suppress orders and switch back to alpha with assault orders. Move to H5 and keep you eyes on I8, there's another sniper up there waiting to ruin you day. Keep moving down the hill and take him out before he sees you down there. When he's gone, send alpha to I4 and hold up there. Switch over to bravo, with advance at all cost and recon orders.

Time for the tricky part, assaulting the south pass directly will only get you killed, so instead you have to work at there defense a bit and lure the troops away from the twin machine gun nests and into a ambush of your own. Instead of you walking into machine gun fire, your going to have them walking into the other bradley and have your team swing around behind them to trap them in and get rid of the left overs.


Ok, back to the work. Now you're in Bravo, switch over to your machine gunner and crawl up the path at H6/I6, until you're in the I6 square and can see the machine gun nest. When you see the two nests OPEN FIRE!!! Don't worry about hitting anything, just spray and get everyone's attention. After a few seconds, turn around and RUN!!! Just get out of there and back down to alpha. Switch back to alpha team, with recon orders, head down the path at J2. Keep going south but watch out for snipers, there's one waiting at L3 looking your direction, be sure not to miss him! When he's down, make a turn at K3, and hold up at K4.

Remember how we opened up on the Russians at I6? Well there's about four or five standing there now wondering were you went, little do they know that the second brad is coming around the corner...

Wait till the brad makes the turn at H6 and starts shooting at the Russians at I6. Quickly place a sensor at the K5 corner, and then take out any remaining Russians who decided not to leave their nest. Keep going south and take out any tangos you see in the L5 area, because one of them has an anti-tank rocket that's waiting for the second brad. Bring up bravo team and have them cover the J7 area wile you clear out the rest of the south pass. Your buds will move in and secure the area, and the south pass should now be yours.

Taking The Top Of The Hill

Most likely, all of the guards from the top of the hill probably came down in your north and south fights to help backup there buddies, but if the objective is still not complete, head up to the top on the I10 pass and scout the area out for anymore tangos. Have your bravo squad cover a certain area, and take alpha and circle around the opposite way, that way no one gets your six. There's a small radio station at the top of the hill, so be sure to fire a few M203 rounds in there to make sure everything is clear.

When all is said and done, move alpha and bravo teams, on recon, to N8 and go on hold, with alpha covering M9 and bravo covering 07. Remember your sniper? Well he has a long walk ahead of him. Order him to come down the south path and meet up with the rest of your fire teams. Now comes the big prize, taking the camp...

Taking The Camp

Ok, before we go camp hunting, switch over to bravo team and head north east to clear the path. Watch out for a few Russian troops around K12 who really enjoy sitting in bushes and picking you off as you run by. Make your way to J14 and set up a covering arc facing the camp with suppressive orders. Your AI troops should not fire due to the small spotting range, but there job is only to make sure no one gets close to that pass anyway, not attack the camp. Next, switch over to your sniper in charlie and move J15/J16. There is nice hole in the rock way from which you can cause major damage to the camp from, with little chance of being shot. Put him on recon, and switch over to alpha team. Take control of one of the grenadiers and move to L10/L11 so your overlooking the camp


Now for the fun. The main idea here is to get the camp troops to think that your alpha team is the attacking force, wile your charlie sniper picks them off as they advance to alpha's position. So switch to your characters M203, aim very carefully, and fire one into the northeast machine guns. This, in return, will bring a lot of fire towards your position... so run... to K11, and hide. Quickly switch back to your sniper, take off the recon order, and pick off the enemy patrols as they rush to alphas position. When there gone, take out the machine gunners before they start blasting away at the rocks your behind. Most likely the objective will be completed without even having to go in the camp, but incase it isn't, take alpha over there with the grenade launchers, and bomb out the remaining trenches before walking in. Mission complete

Final Notes

From what I've seen in MP games, most people don't like to even bother working with the M2s, they would just rather clear out everything by themselves. It's a fine thing to do if you want a little more challenge, but if you're reading this walkthrough you probably don't do you? All three of the major firefights are tricky, especially the north pass that is a real pain the first couple times you play it. The key thing to remember is that in this mission, Russians always seem to come out of everywhere just when the shooting stops and things go quiet, so keep your guard up!


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