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Mission M13 - Arctic Sun
By:Xian Saint
Published : 29th November, 2003
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Arkhangel'sk, Russia
Date: October 3, 2008
Time: 04:00

Map: Airbase

Rifleman M16/M203
Demolitions M4/Grenades

Support M249/Grenades
Demolitions M4/Grenades

Sniper M24/9MM
Sniper M24/9MM

1). Secure Control Tower
2). Destroy S37 Berkut
3). Destroy KA-50 Hokum
4). Get to Extraction Zone


Total Enemy Forces: 33 (veteran)


Disclaimer - The great thing about these games is there are an infinite amount of possibilities to accomplish the tasks. Of course some methods are better than others and the following walk-thru presents one solution that I used that worked quite well.

The normal progression of Ghost Recon is the further along you advance in the missions, the more difficult it gets. That isn't really the case with this level as it is one of the easier levels to accomplish. Despite it being easy, it does contain a few nuances that can be difficult to overcome. Efficient planning, assistance from the Team AI players and the careful use of sniper teams (with assigned arcs of coverage) will greatly contribute to the success of this mission.

Also, just to note - the time setting of this level is late, so naturally its very dark. Expect to use Night Vision Goggles when outdoors. Many of the pictures have been lightened to enhance visibility when viewed on the web site.

Mission Introduction

The Ghosts are inserted on the outskirts of the airstrip with no close contacts in the immediate vicinity. At this point, Charlie Team (Sniper Team) proceeded along the chain link fence at the top of the hill (to the left of the insertion point) until they reached the corner of the fence. Laying prone and covering the area to the northeast (indicated by The first firing arc on Charlie Teams planning picture), the snipers were able to eliminate many hostile soldiers with little to no resistance. Initially there are three to four patrolling guards here, but once you take the first shot, many more arrive but unwittingly stand there defenseless as your position is unknown to them, until its too late. After giving the all clear, Alpha and Bravo Team cautiously advanced to the southern wall of the Control Tower which also happens to be the first building in sight.

Charlie Team proceeded to the Control Tower, went prone with a firing arc directed to the northwest (indicated by the second firing arc). Using their Night Vision Goggles, Charlie Team had visual contact at a fairly decent range with a number of enemy contacts. The snipers dispatched these soldiers with minimal small arms fire being exchanged.

Forces Encountered: 5-8 armed with AK-47's to the east of the control tower and 5 to the west.


1. Secure Control Tower - With Charlie Team covering the west, Alpha Team advanced to the northeastern exterior corner of the Control Tower in preparation for Bravo Teams assault. When in place, Bravo Team stormed the Control Tower and encountered light resistance. (As a word of warning - on the top floor of the Control Tower there is a guard strategically placed to the right of the doorway, so if you just run in the room he has a clear shot of you and he will take it). After a brief exchange of small arms fire, the Control Tower was secured and the first mission objective was complete. Alpha Team engaged a few hostile soldiers to the north that responded to the sounds of the gunfire at the Control Tower and then proceed west to the center of the map.

Forces Encountered: 4-5 armed with AK-47's inside the Control Tower and 3-4 armed with AK-47's to the north of the control tower.

At this point, Objective One has been accomplished. Alpha Team is still guarding the east, Charlie Team still guarding the west and Bravo Team is sweeping the Control Tower clear. Onto Objective Two.

2. Destroy KA-50 Hokum - Although this is actually the third objective, given the close proximity of this hangar to the Control Tower, it was accomplished first. With Alpha and Charlie Teams covering the west, Bravo Team proceeded to the KA-50 Hokum hangar. Upon entering the door along the east side of the hangar, the Ghosts could either go left and enter the ground floor for a head to head assault or go to the right up the stairs and deal with the enemy from above. Either is a viable option. In this particular instance, Bravo Team chose the right way. The three unsuspecting guards were quickly eliminated. (Don't get to close or they'll see you and return fire).

Once the hangar is clear, its just matter of the demolitions soldier priming the explosives and placing it on the target.

Once the charge is armed on the target, Objective complete.

Forces Encountered: 3-5 armed with AK-47's and grenades.

3. Destroy S37 Berkut - This is actually the second objective, but given the enemy is more heavily armed and this hangar is located further away, it was done last.

Forces Encountered: 5 armed with AK-47's.

4. Get to Extraction Zone - Simple enough. But by this time, there are only two enemy soldiers left and they are located in the building to the south of the S37 Hangar. Be careful, as one is covertly located. Proceed carefully, or get to the extraction zone. Alpha and Charlie Team maintained position and Bravo Team proceeded to the south side of the S37 Hangar. The hangar has a large door and a smaller normal door.

Just inside the smaller door is a manned stationary gun.

A quick shot will drop him, but use caution when entering. Once you fire your weapons, the three enemy soldiers in the hangar will be alerted. Quick and careful execution and all four soldiers can be dealt with with minimal resistance. Once the hangar is cleared, the demolitions soldier placed his charge on the jet.

Mission accomplished. While engaging the enemy in the hangar, a couple of soldiers appeared to the south, but were quickly dispatched by Alpha and Charlie Team.

Tips and Strategies

-Try and engage the enemy from as far away as tactically feasible. Use snipers and establish firing arcs when they are in position.

-Bring enough demo charges and make sure you place them on the target. Nothing sucks worse than failing a mission cause you run out of explosives. (I used two demo soldiers)

-Watch out for enemy soldiers behind doors. I had two or three encounters where I opened the door and the enemy was either behind it, or very close to it and I didn't realize it until I entered and was shot in the back.

-On veteran or above, watch out for the stationary guns.

-If you're new or struggling with accomplishing this mission, use the available features (like quick saving and/or threat sensor) to assist you in your tactics, and also take a look at the screen shot that shows the enemy placement.

Specialist Unlocked : N/A

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