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Mission 12 - The Docks
Published : 14th November, 2003
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Murmansk, Russia
Time and Date: 0200 22 September 2008
Mission Type: Silent assault
Alpha Team:
Rifleman, Demo, and Sniper
Bravo Team:
Rifleman, Demo, and Sniper
1.) Plant Demo in Sub Pen 51
2.) Plant Demo in Sub Pen 52
3.) Reach Extraction Zone
X.) Plant demo at Fuel Depot


You have been silently inserted in the naval base at Murmansk. Here you will find two submarines; one located in Sub Pen 51 and the other in 52. Your task is to destroy them both, and if you can, the fuel depot. If successful, this will be a major blow to the enemy.

This can be a tricky mission, as you should be ASAP… meaning “as silent as possible.” If you trigger the base alarm (which you probably will), you will have enemy troops rushing all over you. So, when equipping your teams, try to use suppressed weapons. (SD)


This is the path we will be taking through Mission 12:

As you can tell, you’ve been inserted at the northern edge of the map. Start by taking Alpha south, until you reach a rather large crane. You will meet light resistance on the way, if you are silent.

Take your sniper up to the top, and, like a ghost, eliminate any enemy forces you may see.

Continuing on, head west, then turn north, eliminating any enemy you may see. You will then come across the northern entrance to Sub Pen 52. When you get in, you may want to turn off your night vision. Get ready for the close quarters battles, too.

As I said before, you may or may not want to turn off your night vision. The second objective is straight ahead. Be cautious when moving to it, as you will have enemy tangos to your left and right, and perhaps one or two above you. Once you’ve cleared the pen out, place your demo charge on the sub, and switch over to Bravo.

Once you’ve switched to Bravo, head north, killing any rebel forces you come across. Turn and go west, until you reach Sub Pen 51. Plant your second demo charge on the sub.

What you do next is up to you. You can either take Alpha and Bravo back to the extraction point for a mission complete, or you can take Bravo (or Alpha) and head south, destroying the fuel depot, which in turn, unlocks a new specialist. If you decide to go for the extra objective, keep on reading.

Take Bravo and head south, and then turn east. Soon enough, you will come across the fuel depot. You can’t miss it, as it’s the largest structure on the map.

If you’ve already set off the alarm, resistance should now be futile until the next mission. Keep heading east until you reach the middle of the platform that the depot is on. Go up the stairs and plant the charges on the control panel. Once you’ve planted what should be your last charge, take Alpha and Bravo back to the extraction point, eliminating any enemy forces you may come across upon.

Hopefully your soldiers got a medal or two, as this may be one of the harder missions in the game.


Specialist Unlocked : Dieter Munz



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