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Mission M11 - Dream Knife
Published : 2nd February, 2004
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Ljady, Russia
September 16, 2008, 03:00 Hours


Silenced sniper w/ SR25 SD/M9 SD

1 Silenced assault

1.) Secure an entrance
2.) Rescue NATO PoWs
3.) Go to Extraction Zone
X.) Rescue Moroshkin

Clearing the First Gate
Enemies encountered: 8

First of all, change your team’s ROE to ‘recon’ using the command map (press the left shift key), and select your sniper. From insertion, head along the eastern fenceline (on your left) until you are level with the north wall (on your right). Stay close to the fence, and well clear of the spotlight. If you or the other ghost in your team is caught in the spotlight, the alarm will be raised.

From this position, look west along the northern wall, past the guard tower. In the distance, after a short time, two patrolling guards will come into view. Eliminate them swiftly and quietly with quick shots from your silenced sniper rifle.

Swivel left, so that you are facing the gate. If you zoom all the way in on your sniper rifle, you can see that there are three gate guards; one in the tower above, and two at ground level. Drop them all, taking out the tower guard first, as he is the most dangerous to your team’s survival – he is a sniper. Once all three are down, a dialogue box will appear telling you that the first objective is complete.

Proceed south along the fenceline, towards the small hut on the road ahead of you. On the way, two more patrolling guards come into view to the south, walking north along the POW camp wall. Drop them both with your sniper.

Approach the door of the hut from the POW camp side (do not go around the back). Switch to your silenced pistol, and quickly open the door and put two or three rounds in the back of the guard inside, who is facing the window (away from the door). Select your sniper rifle once again.

Clearing the Second Gate
Enemies encountered: 7

Cross the road, staying out of the spotlights. Continue south until you are level with the next watchtower to your right, and the POW camp wall turns away from you. Move to this watchtower, and then follow the wall west until the second gate to the POW camp comes into view.

This gate is guarded like the first, by a sniper and two others on ground level. Once again, eliminate the sniper, and then the other guards, taking them out within quick succession of each other to stop them from raising the alarm. Once they are down, move across the road and towards the door, staying in the darkness. Enter the watchtower, and go upstairs, taking a position in the northwest corner of the tower, up against the walls (right in the corner). Zoom in and scan the area inside the walls to the north. You can see the two NATO POWs being guarded by two guards inside a metal fenced-off enclosure, leave them as they are for now. Keep scanning the buildings to the north, and within a few minutes a patrolling guard should come into view (see screenshots). Take him down.

From this position, turn your attention to the southwest corner of the camp. You should be able to see a guard in the corner, keeping watch over the doorway to the watchtower you are in. He is probably partially obscured by a pole, so move a little until you have a clean headshot.

Be sure at this point that you have a few bullets left in your magazine, as a few shots must be made in reasonably quick succession. Take him down, and then zoom out, watching in the same direction. A second guard will soon appear creeping north (to your right) to investigate, drop him as well. Move to your right, to the top of the stairs leading down to inside the POW camp, and cover the door at the bottom with your rifle. After around a minute, a third guard will come to investigate, and open the door. As soon as you have a clean shot, drop him. You now have gained safe entrance to the relatively unguarded interior of the camp.


Securing the Hospital
Enemies encountered: 3

Go down the stairs, and exit, heading west to the far wall of the camp (remember to stay in the shadows). Turn north and then east, (going the long way around the hospital - the first building), coming to the door on its northern face, where it is safe to enter. Switch to your rifleman, and ensure he is on full automatic. There are only three guards inside the hospital itself, but they must all be quickly dealt with, as if you give them time after they see you, the alarm will be raised.

Enter the hospital, and approach the second (interior) door. Stay on its left, and open it, then use the lean function to look around the doorframe, taking down the first guard. Move quickly to his position, and take down the second guard at the far entrance to the room with the hospital beds. Turn and open the door next to the one you just entered, which leads to the storage room. The third guard is behind the door, but with some coercion you should be able to get his right arm exposed, and shoot it, killing him. At this point, the hospital is clear. Stay away from Moroshkin for the moment; we will leave him here where he is safe.


Rescuing the POWs
Enemies encountered:

Exit the hospital following the route you used to come in. Once outside, turn right and head around the corner of the building ahead of you. Continue north to the second (identical) building, stopping under the wooden verandah. Select your sniper, and go prone. If you look north, you can once again see the two guards keeping watch on the POWs. Drop the near guard, then the far guard as he creeps towards you. The POWs are now unguarded. Change your team’s ROE to ‘suppress,’ and enter the wire mesh compound.

Just before you get to the POWs, change to your rifleman, insert a fresh magazine, and put your rifle on full automatic. Go prone, and crawl towards the POWs, contacting each of them, and keeping your sights on the base of the watchtower to your north.

As you contact the second POW, a siren will sound and five guards will spawn at the base of this tower. Use your assault rifle to drop all of them.

Turn your attention east, and keep your sights trained on the barrels ahead of you, at the far side of the building to your front/left. Five more guards appear, possibly one by one this time, rounding the corner towards you. Take them all down; being careful not to miss any, they have a habit of lying down and playing dead next to their deceased counterparts.

If you wish, you can take down the tower guards to your east as well. Once you are satisfied that the area is clear, take the POWs back through the hospital, collecting Moroshkin on the way. Exit via the southern gate (were you entered, and retrace your steps, hugging the wall/fenceline, back to the insertion zone. Remember to stay out of the spotlights. From here, keep well away from the castle, and move west to the extraction zone, marked on your command map.

Once all your team and the three rescued POWs are inside the EZ, your mission is complete.

If you successfully rescued Moroshkin, the new specialist will be unlocked - S. Ibrahim with a M82 and M9.


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