M09 Blue Storm
Walkthrough By McNamee
Published : 23 February 2004
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Mission Name:
Location: Nereta Swamp, Latvia
Date: July 3rd, 2008
Weather: Rain


Alpha team
Rifleman: M16/M9 SD
Support: M249/nades
Sniper: M24/M9sd

Bravo Team
Rifleman: M16/M9sd
Support: M249/nades

Charlie Team:
Rifleman: M16/M9sd

Mission Objectives:
1. Clear west island
2. Clear north island
3. Clear east island
X. Capture Russian officer







This map shows the key locations and enemy resistance

On this mission, the first problem you will encounter will be the thick fog. To maneuver your team safely through this obstacle it will take time and patience. A good tactic to employ in these weather conditions is to thoroughly check your surroundings before moving slowly. Another good tip is to try and use your night vision (v) to see just a little further past the fog, also the night vision may highlight the enemy through the heavy foliage.

1. Clear the west island

First of all, switch to your lone rifleman on Charlie team; you will use him to drop two enemies located to the west of your insertion zone. Move your rifleman west until through the fog, a fallen tree will become visible, at this point hide in the bushes nearest the water and lie down.

After waiting a few seconds, through the fog a 2 man patrol should become clear. Make sure you have the M9sd to hand, as we don't want to alert the swamp to our presence.

If you have successfully concealed yourself in the bushes, the 2 tangos should walk right on by, but don't let them get to far away. Just after they have passed, stand upright, hold down the 'shuffle' key (default key: Alt) so as not to alert them, bring yourself within a comfortable distance and place a bullet in the back of their skulls.

Tip: Soon after you drop the first tango the other may hit the deck or run for cover if you don't shoot him fast enough. If this happens, get on the floor to get a better shot off and/or conceal yourself if he hasn't seen you already.

After you have done this bring the rest of your patrol up to the same location. Make sure the patrol is on recon, and then bring the patrol up to RV1 in preparation to flank the island.

Send Alpha team up the East side of the island, Bravo and Charlie team will go up the west. Make sure you don’t make the teams go to far from the center of the island or they may not spot all the enemies. Once you think you have enough enemies in your sights (your team should be on hold), switch your patrol to suppress, your team should be able to drop most the enemies in your area, but stay put for a while to make sure there are no more enemies in your immediate area, the noise from the firefight may also attract enemies to your area.

After you are sure it’s safe, continue to advance slowly up the island, make sure your team is on recon, if you encounter any more enemies employ the same tactic as before. Bring your team up to RV2 on the map, try to stay in cover but keep your sights clear. After your sure it’s safe to proceed, make your way very slowly and cautiously to RV3 in preparation to clear the North island. Be careful upon approaching RV3, there will be a bunker occupied by around 2 enemies, when you take these guys out from a distance, get ready for more possibly more hostiles approaching (very probably from the east) your position alerted due to the sound.

2. Clear North island

Here we will use the same tactic to clear the North island as we did the West island. Send Bravo and Charlie team up along the North side of the island, and Alpha along the bottom making sure your teams aren’t to far from the center so that you are unlikely to miss any enemies. After making your way slowly across the island gather your team at RV4

X. Capture Russian officer

From RV4:
After scanning your surroundings, Alpha team north round the little path marked on your map as “NP” towards RV5, hold their position at RV5.

With Bravo team we are going to raid the house at the middle of the swamp (marked ‘X’ on the map), here we should find the Russian officer accompanied by a number of bodyguards.

You should now send Bravo and Charlie teams back around the north island ready for an approach to the house from the northwest.

Approach the front door of the house, switch to your supportist with the M249. First of all equip your frag grenades and throw one in (it is important that you NEVER stand directly in front of the door), straight away switch to your machine gun and enter the building instantly opening fire and spraying the room with bullets and quickly leave again, make sure you don’t enter the building to far otherwise the other member of Bravo will follow you in and prevent you making a fast exit.

Continue to ‘frag and enter’ the building as before while making sure the other members of Alpha are on suppress and are in a suitable position to cover you. When advancing up the stairs DO NOT throw a frag over the banister onto the top floor otherwise you will eliminate the Russian officer. If the officer is not present, check the map above to see other possible locations of the officer.

It is advisable to capture the Russian officer with your single Charlie rifleman. After capturing the Russian officer make your way with Bravo and Charlie teams up towards RV5 taking extreme care as you advance. If you encounter any resistance on the way try to steer clear and evade them, otherwise you could alert the whole of the east islands occupants to your position (it could turn very messy all of a sudden).

3. Clear East island.

Here we will use the same method of clearing this island as we did the others, but in this case we will take much more care, this is because there are a lot more people to kill ;-)

With each team spread an equal distance across the island (advancing from top to bottom), set your patrol to recon and advance slowly down the island.

Once you feel you have enough enemies in your sights open fire, but be sure to hold your position (make sure your team remain in cover ALWAYS). Hold your position until you are sure that no more enemies are close by or advancing upon your position.

After you start getting towards the bottom of the island there will be a bunker manned by a number of enemies. A good way to tackle this is to flank the bunker and throw in a couple of frags from the sides followed by suppressive fire.

After you have made sure no enemies are left alive on the island, mission complete.

By McNamee


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