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Mission 7 - The River
Walkthrough By SOTO Mac
Published : 18th November, 2003
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Lubana River, Latvia



Primary = Silenced Rifle

(Preferably an SR25 SD).

Secondary = Silenced Secondary (Preferably an S.M.G. in SPV4).


Primary = M4 SOCOM (M4A1 SD in SPV4).
Secondary = Demo Charges (C4).



1 - Destroy East Pylon.
2 - Destroy West Pylon.
3 - Get to Extraction Zone.
X - Eliminate Camp Garrison.

Our Squad's Plan was a simple one. Make Our way towards the Pylons in a business like fashion. We moved out from the Insert Zone after We’d carefully checked Our Insert for On-Patrol Enemy Troops. None were observed and so We moved to a large rock direct West of Our Position (1) at about 75 meters - All the while checking Our corners and maintaining a 6 to 10 foot Interval.

Once We'd reached the Rock Outcropping North of the Insert - We again checked Our Immediate Area for Patrolling Enemy. None were observed and so we “double-timed” It to the Ridge Immediately South of the Rock Outcropping on the Northern side of the River (2).

Once We'd checked the Area for Hostiles - I as the Sniper got Myself set to engage Targets at the area listed as (3) on the Map. Once those Hostiles were eliminated - We then Proceeded on to Position (4) on the Map. This area can be a real challenge as sometimes there is a Patrol coming down the Path from the Ridge above the River. Once the Patrol has been eliminated or You've moved by this area without Contact - Proceed towards the South Eastern Bridge Pylon. Be wary as You come up on this Pylon as there is a Patrol moving around the Base of that Pylon, A Patrol at the South Western Pylon, and a Patrol on the opposing side of the River as well. The Best advice I can give for this area of the Map is to designate and locate ALL available Targets / Engage them once a good Hide has been cultivated / And eliminate all Enemy that You see before planting Your first Demo Charge @ Position (5) on the Map.

NOTE : There is an Armored Column above You on the Bridge. DO NOT Engage this Force as they will quickly overwhelm You and Your Team with their Superior Firepower if prompted. Ensure that Your placement of those Demo Charges is done as quietly as possible and then egress out of the Area on to Your next Objective.

Once You've planted Demo on the first Pylon at the Bridge - You'll need to plant a second Charge on the Opposing Bridge Pylon to drop the Bridge – Hence completing that Mission Objective.

Move You and Your Team back along the waypoint that You’d established on the way to Planting the first Demo Charge ( Position 2 on the Map ). This will take You and Your Team back to the River bank opposite the Enemy Tent Camp and It's contingent of Troops ( See attached Diagram - Listed as Position 6 ). This Tent Camp is heavily populated by Enemy Troops. That stated - Before Initiating any action on this Tent Camp make sure that You and Your Team have adequate cover to engage the Enemy. Once You do - Its safeties off and You can then begin to wipe out the Enemy in the Camp. Remember though - Be patient as a Tango's need to Bag You is always more pressing that Your need to bag the Tango. If They're Hiding - They'll present soon enough and You'll be able to down them. Just make sure that You and Your Team "wait them" is all that I would emphasize with this Tent Camp and It's Troops.

Once the Tent Camp and It's Troops are eliminated - This should leave You and Your Team an easy road or path to planting the Second Demo Charge on the South Western Bridge Pylon. Just make sure that You've cleared the opposing River Bank from the Far side of the River so that all of the Area You and Your Team will be traversing as You move to the Second Pylon, is clear of Enemy. Simply stated – This makes for a much easier time of planting the Second Demo Charge if You've cleared Your way beforehand.

Once the Second Demo Charge is placed @ Position (7) on the Map, move You and Your Team to a Position under the Rock Path that leads up to the South Western side of the Ridge where the Plateau closest to Extract is located. Look above You with the Long Gun for a Patrol of 3 Tangos moving through the wooded Plateau on their Patrol Path @ approxiamtely Position (8). Once You've located this Patrol - Target them and Wipe them out with Extreme Prejudice...

Now - Move You and Your Team up the Rock Path to the Plateau tp Position (8). Move as Detailed on the Attached Map and about 30 Meters from the Extract You'll see another Patrol of 3 Tangos on the move listed as being @ Position (9). Get set up and take these Tangos out as well. Once all of the above has been accomplished - Its Extract Time and back to the C.P...

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