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Mission M06 - Witchfire
Published : 29th November, 2003
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Izborsk, Russia
Will Jacobs--OICW/GL

Henry Ramirez--MP5SD/Claymores

Nigel Tunney--SA80/M136

1). - Gather Intel From SE House
2). - Gather Intel from NW House
3). - Get to Extraction Zone
X). - Destroy SAM Site

If you’ve unlocked both Will Jacobs and Nigel Tunney it will make the mission easier, hopefully that’s the case. This is a night mission so you’ll want to use your NVG’s for the most part.

On insert you’ll find your team in the south west of the map, the area around it should be clear of Tangos. Send Alpha and Bravo teams southeast to the road that runs from south to north. Set up Alpha team to the west, between the south end of the filed and the woods. Set up Bravo team on the eastern side of the road, in the woods, but not before you set a Claymore along edge of the road. Set your teams’ ROE’s to “Recon” (Default Key 7). Why you’re doing this will become obvious shortly.

To complete the X objective, “Destroy SAM Site”, you don’t have to get to close to the SAM as you think. Switch to your Charlie team member, who should have the M136, proceed north, from insert to the road that runs west to east. If you look through the trees in front of you, you should see some tangos (with NVG’s on) and the SAM. If you have to, use your binoculars and confirm the location of the SAM (it may be easier to see without NVG’s on). If you take your time to aim the M136 you should be able to hit the SAM from that position with one shot (seriously make sure to take your time). One you hit the SAM the tangos guarding it will become active, just run and rejoin Alpha And Bravo team at their positions along the road.

By this time the reason you’ve set up these teams should be arriving shortly. A truck full of Russians will be coming down the road. When the truck arrives, wait for it to reach the spot where you set the claymore and detonate it. The claymore should stop the truck and kill one or two of the tangos. Immediately set your teams’ ROE to “Suppress” (Default Key 9) and eliminate the tangos that leave the truck. This just saved you from dealing with them inside the Castle, where the NW House is located.

Now time to get the Intel From the SE house, this is where the OICW/GL will come in very handy. Set Bravo team’s ROE to “Recon” and send them to the house directly west of the Intel location (follow the road, you can’t miss it), and have them cover the three tangos in front of the Intel Location. Set Alpha team’s ROE to “recon” and send them to the woods to the south of the Intel location. Same for Charlie, send him with Alpha, set to “Recon” as well, but set him up further east so he can cover the two tangos in the back of the house. Switch to the Rifleman with the GL in Bravo and neutralize the three tangos out front, then set all teams to Suppress and switch to Jacobs. Use his GL to neutralize the two tangos out back then use a grenade to destroy the door to the house and then fire one grenade inside, that should eliminate all threats in the house so head in to get the intel.

Now send Alpha team to east entrance to the Castle, make sure you set them to recon and then send Bravo team north following the castle wall. There is a 4-man patrol on the path to extraction. Use the Rifleman with the M203 to pop a grenade round by the patrol and drop any survivors. Once you have bravo team in position switch to Alpha. You’ll see three tangos by the ruins, once you engage the tangos inside the castle, make sure you drop those three first or else they will call for reinforcements. Whenever your ready, set your fire teams to suppress and kill the tangos in the castle grounds. Send Bravo team into the intel house to clear the building and secure the intel. Once you’ve got the intel get your teams to extraction. Mission complete.

Specialist Unlocked : Susan Grey


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