Mission 04: Black Needle
Published : 10th February 2002
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Republic of Georgia
May 7, 2008 - 15:00
1. Secure the Crossroads
2. Contact UN Troops
3. Return to Extraction Zone
X - Keep UN soldiers alive

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Okay, you've got two UN peacekeepers holed up in a ruined village and under heavy fire. They're counting on you to get them out of there safely, so don't let them down.

Will Jacobs on Alpha, two Riflemen and a Support on Bravo, and a Sniper on Charlie. Move Charlie up to the cliff looking down on the river, then move southwest until you get a visual of the two bad guys by the guard shack on the south side of the river. Draw first blood - the surviving guard will leg it across the bridge. If you lead him a little, you should be able to take him down while he's on the run. If not, don't worry, he'll hold up once he reaches the other side. There are two more targets by the other guard shack. Try to get one from your current position, then move towards the southern guard shack and take the second one out from there.

Have Alpha and Bravo move up to cover your six. Make for the other side of the bridge and get set up on behind the guard shack. You should be able to spot at least one hostile from there, standing idle by the northeast corner of the house opposite of the gas station. Snipe him, and a couple more should come to investigate. Take them down by yourself, or move the two other squads closer for support fire.

Continue using Charlie or, if you're more comfortable with it, switch to Alpha or Bravo. Sneak over to the west side of the road and move up carefully. There are two more close to the garage east of the gas station. Once they're down, there should be one more in the toilet inside the gas station. When the area is clear, you'll receive a message saying Objective 1 is complete.

Send Charlie to the small patch of woods east of the gas station, on the east side of the crossroads. Have him cover the west side of the map, where the road exits. Put Bravo inside the house opposite of the gas station, and set them to 'Hold' and 'Recon'. Go to Alpha.

Head north and make a circle around the west side of the closest rocks. When you're in the middle of the area surrounded by four relatively large "rocks", move towards the village. There are two Ts to the east, two across the road south, two up north and a bunch in the ruins. If you can, try to spot and neutralize the two up on the northern hill, or in the close vicinity. Then move up the hill towards the village (coming from the west) and take out either the two to the south or the two to the east, depending on where you come up the hill. When only the village is left to clear, switch to Bravo.

Around this time, six more hostiles will enter from the west. Stay in the house and open fire through the window overlooking the west side of the map, you should be able to get the squad from there. Failing that, try using Charlie instead.

Go back to Alpha and move closer to the village. Mow down the two-three baddies by the stationary machinegun, and get the one sticking part of his head up over the wall in the middle of the ruins, if you can. Next, toss a few grenades smack into the ruins - though try to avoid injuring the UN troops. Once this little "ritual" is done, there should only be two-three rebels left to take out.

Specialist Unlocked : Jack Stone (Sniper)

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