Mission 03: Stone Bell
Published : 10th January 2002
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South Ossetian Autonomous Region
May 2, 2008 - 10:00
1. Destroy Northeast Patrol
2. Destroy Southwest Patrol
3. Prevent HQ Breach
X - No NATO Casualties

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Alright, you're on the defense now. Hostile armours are rolling in, and it's your job to make sure they never get to their destination. In other words, it's time to have a tank bustin' good time!

There's a saying that goes "The best defense is offense", and this is certainly true on this one. While it would be much more fun to just strap explosives on the bridge and make it all crash down on the tanks as they pass under it, you'll have to make do with a good ol' M136 AT4 anti-tank rocket launcher.

I grabbed Jacobs again - mainly for his ability to unleash a miniature artillery strike if necessary - and placed him on Alpha with a second Rifleman. Bravo stays the same as the last mission, with two Riflemen and one Support. The Sniper on Charlie is exchanged for the essential Demo guy with an M136.

Speed is of the essence. Switch to Charlie. Send Alpha rushing up the hill to the north and Bravo up the hill to the south. There are two two-man patrols on each side of the bridge. Send Alpha in between the group of rocks to the north and issue them the 'Hold' and 'Suppress' commands - they'll mow down the patrols without breaking a sweat. Be a little more careful with Bravo, move them towards the railroad in 'Recon', but not too close. They might take out the patrols up there if they see them, if not, don't worry about that for now.

While Alpha and Bravo are engaging the tangos, move up the road at double-time. Go past the burning armour and keep moving until you gain a visual of the enemy tanks. Take your time and line up your shot well with the M4 first, then pull out the M136 and fire. Use nightvision to gain a few metres of additional visibility in the fog. It might require some trying and failure before you score a direct hit. When you do, haul ass back towards the wrecked armour and hit the deck next to it. You should be able to neutralize quite a bit of hostiles from there. Keep firing at all the Ts you can see, until the second tank comes rolling down. If the area seems relatively clear of tangos, get up and line up a shot at the second tank. Switch to the M136 again and blow it to bits.

Take out any immediate threats, then run back towards the bridge. Hug the north cliff wall and lie down next to the bridge support pillars. From there, Charlie will have a good shot at any incoming tangos.

Switch to Bravo and clear your immediate area if it's not already. If Bravo didn't get the patrols there earlier, they've probably already fled down to the road. Move up to the bridge and gun down any tangos you can see to the northwest. Then continue down towards where the tanks came from. Go prone at the small path that goes up the cliff, crawl out there and shoot the tangos hiding in and around the small forest.

When it looks clear and you can't see any Ts, jump over to Alpha and clear up the north side of the bridge. The remaining tangos should be around the destroyed tanks and the small forest. Sneak down the hill, take them out, and you're through.

Specialist Unlocked : Nigel Tunney (Demo)

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