Mission 02: Eager Smoke
Published : 10th January 2002
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South Ossetian Autonomous Region
April 24, 2008 - 02:15
1. Rescue Pilot
2. Rescue W. Officer
3. Get to Extraction Zone
X - Destroy Avionics

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Hopefully you completed the bonus objective on M01 and acquired Will Jacobs and his OICW. Now it's time to put this new hi-tech toy of an assault rifle to use.

This is a night mission, so nightvision goggles should be activated at all times. You'll get some nasty tunnelvision, but the NVGs will also make the Ts light up bright green like a bunch of radioactive lollipops.

I put Jacobs on Alpha together with a Demo operative, Bravo is ready to rock with two Riflemen and one Support, and Charlie stays exactly the same as on M01, with a sole sniper.

You're inserted in the northeast corner of the map with objectives to your west, southwest and south. Start by spreading the squads out - send Charlie due south towards the woods there, while Bravo should enter the woods with a cource for Objective 2. Beware in the woods, there are at least two two-man patrols in your general area. Move in as Alpha and use Bravo as support, they shouldn't be very difficult to get rid of.

Next, send Bravo across the river and towards the field east of Objective 2, while you move towards Objective X. Go north until you hit the border of the map, then continue on west. You should be able to take out several from across the river. Once it looks clear, move in and mop it up. Keep an eye on the threat indicator and move slowly towards the plane. After it's cleared up, plant the demo charge, give Alpha a waypoint close to the road north of Objective 2, and switch to Bravo.

Move carefully over the field and towards the house, there are a few Ts strolling around there. When the outside looks clear, go in, but watch out for the east window - there tends to be a bad guy in there waiting to take a shot at you. There is usually also one in the living room, and one or two upstairs. The fighter's weapons officer is also being held upstairs, so watch your fire. Semi-automatic firing is recommended. When the weapons officer is safe (for now), send Alpha a little bit down the road, towards Objective 1 and switch to Charlie.

Sniper time. Leg it across the river and hug the east border of the map. Try to get in position just east of the barn. Take down the tango strolling around on south side first, then bag whoever's walking around the front. Be patient, as some might come to investigate. When it seems clear, switch to Alpha.

Proceed towards the barn from the west. There's probably five to seven Ts inside, one or two on each side of the door (sometimes one interrogating the pilot), one upstairs just on the far side of the entrance, and sometimes one covering the window above the entrance. Again, keeping the guns on semi-automatic is recommended. Go in slowly and clear it out.

Now to get back to the EZ. The only tangos that should be left at this time is one three-man patrol on the other side of the river. You can follow the threat indicator and wipe them out, or you can just sneak around them and go to the EZ. Either way, it's mission complete.

Specialist Unlocked : Henry Ramirez (Rifleman)

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