Mission 01: Iron Dragon
By:Iain Stewart
Published : 10th December 2002
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Location: South Ossetian Autonomous Region
Time & Date: 05:45, 16th April 2008
Mission Type: Assault and Prisoner Snatch

1 - Neutralise tent camp troops
2 - Secure the caves
3 - Return to insertion zone
X - Capture Papashvili

Rifleman: M16 / M203
Rifleman: M16 / M203
Support: M249 / Extra Ammo

Rifleman: M16 / M203
Support: M249 / Extra Ammo

Sniper: M24 / M9SD


South Ossetian rebels have increased attacks on Georgian army units and bases. The Ghosts have been deployed to Tiblisi, Georgia. They will support US / Georgian efforts to eliminate the rebel threat.

The first step is to eliminate a rebel unit under the command of Arman Papashvili and to attempt to capture him.

AO Map:

The team starts in the bottom right hand corner of the map. The first stage in the plan is for Alpha and Bravo to move up alongside the cliff to the north of the insertion zone and Charlie to move along the south side of the map.

All teams need to be set on "-->" and "-". This can be done through the command map, accessed by pressing Shift (Default). Then order Alpha to move to point A1 (shown on the map) and Bravo to point B1. Charlie should be ordered to move to point C1.

Now change Alpha's orders and Bravo's orders to "-". They'll find cover and only engage when fired upon. Take control of Charlie and crouch. Move slowly left, edging around the rock next to C1 to the foliage beyond. Make sure you have your M9SD pistol out - you don't want to give your position away just yet. Move to a position, inside the foliage, where you have a clear view on Bunker 1. Switch to the M24 Sniper Rifle and line up on the soldier manning the bunker. Kill him. After you have fired the shot, two enemy soldiers should come down the hill toward you, either side of Bunker 1. Kill them as well.

The death of those three soldiers allows Alpha and Bravo to continue on. Change their orders back to "-->" and move them to points A2 and B2 respectively. Now take control of one of the riflemen in Alpha. Move forward, slowly and in a crouched position. You should, eventually, be able to see Bunker 2. There is a soldier up there. Using either a bullet or a grenade from the '203, kill him. Then move Alpha and Bravo to A3 and B3, respectively. Change their orders to "X" and "-" when they reach their positions. This will make them take cover and engage any enemy who they see.

Switch back to Charlie and slowly make your way to position C2, again make sure you're equipped with the M9SD pistol so that you don't give away your position too quickly if you spot someone. Go prone at C2 and switch to the M24 Sniper Rifle. You should be able to see Bunker 3 and soldiers standing around a hut near the bunker. Eliminate every soldier you see - bearing in mind you will be shot at if you elect not to change position after every shot. When you have killed every soldier visible, order Charlie to move to C3. When he arrives, change his orders to "Hold" and "Suppress". Make sure he is facing the South of the map. His purpose here is to cover the extraction of Alpha and Bravo - hopefully with Papashvili in tow.

The next part of the mission is the elimination of the enemy camp and therefore the completion of Objective 1. Change Alpha's orders and Bravo's orders to "-->" and "+". Move them to A4 and B4, respectively. Alpha will launch a direct assault on the camp and Bravo will attack through the small copse of trees next to the camp. Take control of the Support specialist in Bravo and order Alpha to attack with the orders "-->-->" and "+". This will order them to run toward the camp at all costs, weapons blazing. At the same time, lead Bravo to attack from the other side. If you don't like taking casualties (like me) or are a newbie, quicksave before the attack - in case everything goes wrong. You should receive a message telling you the camp is clear.

The final stage of the mission is the elimination of the troops holding the cave (Objective 2) and the capture of Papashvili (Objective X). Order Alpha to move to A5, their orders set to "-->" and "-". When they arrive, order them to move to A6, facing the caves. Move Bravo to B5, their orders the same as Alpha's. Close on the cave with Alpha team and eliminate the guards outside. Move into the cave using the right entrance. Remember to lean around corners to eliminate opponents. Feel free to use a '203 grenade to clear the first chamber.

Move inside the first chamber. If you look north, you should see two entrances to the smaller chamber. You can use the zoom on the command map to confirm their location if you wish. Use the left entrance. Enter the small chamber and eliminate the guard who practically walks into you. When you kill this guard, a message should pop up saying you've cleared the cave and completed the second objective.

You should see Papashvili now - he'll be wearing a soft cap. If he is holding a pistol, kill him. You'll fail the bonus objective but you'll save your soldiers' lives. Remember - snatching Papashvili is optional. In real life the main objectives must always take priority over the secondary objectives. If he isn't holding a pistol, he has surrendered. Walk into him to capture him. Move outside the cave. Set Alpha and Bravo to "-->-->" and "+" and order them to move down Route Blue. Switch to Charlie and cover their extraction. It is likely that during this run, you'll meet enemy forces. Eliminating them may bring up the message "All enemies killed", ending the mission successfully. Specialist Unlocked : Will Jacobs (Rifleman)

Key Terms:
X: The squad holds position and seeks cover if cover exists nearby. They will not move unless the player takes control of one of the team.

-->: The squad will move at a running pace and will pause every so often to check their surroundings.

-->-->: The squad will move at running pace and will not stop, regardless of casualties. They'll engage any target as they appear.

-: The squad will move forward slowly, not engaging targets unless fired upon.

Pistol: The squad will advance normally. They'll engage targets if there is a reasonable chance of a hit but will otherwise try to remain undetected.

+: The squad will open fire on suspicion of enemy presence. There is no attempt to remain undetected.
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