Mission 01: Iron Dragon
Published : 10th January 2002
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South Ossetian Autonomous Region
April 16, 2008 - 05:45
1. Neutralize Tent Camp Troops
2. Secure the Caves
3. Return to Insertion Zone
X - Capture Papashvili

On this very first mission, I used all three squads. Alpha is filled out with two Riflemen and one Support, Bravo has one Rifleman and Charlie has one Sniper. The sniper plays an important role on this mission, due to the open terrain. Proceed slowly, take your time and make your shots count. The bolt-action M24 has a slow rate of fire, so make those shots count, otherwise you could become the victim of heavy suppressive fire.

The squads are inserted in the southeast corner of the map. Switch to Charlie and proceed due west until you see a relatively large rock, and just past it, a small bunker. Go prone in a good position with a clear view of the bunker and surrounding hills, zero in on the tango in the bunker, and take him out. Stay put, two more tangos will approach from the hills - take them out as well. Next, move towards the bunker, but keep your rifle pointing north. Up on one of the cliffs (indicated on map) is a fourth tango standing behind a wall of sandbags. Zoom in and take him down. The immediate area is now clear and you can proceed.

Continue west and hug the border of the map. In the southwest corner you should get a good view of some tango patrols up the hill to the north. Go prone, but locate the tango behind the sandbag barrier (indicated on map) at the bottom of the hill and take him out, then open fire on the tangos up on the hill. If you're not sure if you got all of them, be patient and wait - eventually any survivors will come down the hill looking for you.

Once that business is taken care of, head up the hill. By now, Alpha and Bravo should be in hot pursuit. Head up towards the cave entrances, but watch out for the tango guard (indicated on map). Next, place Charlie in a good position, facing east towards the camp, switch to Bravo, and enter the caves. There should be five tangos inside, including Papashvili. There is one in each cave entrance and one in each "tunnel" leading to the inner room where Papashvili is. Go to nightvision if necessary, and clear the place out. Once the four tangos are down, go into the inner room and bump into the commander to capture him.

Leave Bravo in the caves and move Alpha up towards the eastern cave entrance. The troops at the camp have most likely heard the gunfire now, and are coming to assist their fallen comrades. Either put Alpha to Suppress and Hold and switch to Charlie and take down any incoming hostiles, or - if you don't trust the A.I. - let Charlie cover you while you take control of Alpha. If no one seems to show up, toss a grenade east and see if that catches their attention (they're probably hiding just behind a small hill). Alternatively, get ready for some quick shootin' and go in after them. It's a tricky spot, and sometimes one or two tangos will stay back behind some rocks, only to pop out and open fire just as you think you got the last of them. When you do get the last of them, however, you will receive a message saying that the first objective is accomplished. When that happens, it's time to head back home.

Switch back to Charlie and head back south, with Alpha and Bravo following a little bit behind. Move down the hill again and back down to the southwest corner. Approach the rock down there and scout out the area east and northeast of your position, there are two two-man patrols walking around in that area. Try to take them down from afar, or take command of Alpha if assault rifles and grenades are more your style. Once that is taken care of there should be only two tangos left, both close to the Insertion Zone. Head back there with your operative-of-choice (sniper or rifleman) and take them out. Move in slowly and take your time, it shouldn't be too hard.

Congratuations! That should be all - assuming you've followed this walkthrough and that your aim isn't too far off, you should now be at Mission 02.

Specialist Unlocked : Will Jacobs (Rifleman)

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