Desert Siege D08
Walkthrough By Soto Mac
Published : 9th December 2002
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Torn Banner
Mereb Wenz crossing, Near Adi Kwala, Eritrea.

Enemy Locations
Mission Objectives

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1. Secure Secondary Crossing.
2. Neutralize S.A.M. Launcher.
3. Stop Tank Column.
4. Neutralize Bridge Defenders.


1 Sniper
1 Demo Specialist.


Threat Assessment:
Estimated Number of Hostiles : 35 - 45 Tangos ( Depends on Skill Level Attempted ).

Armaments and Ordinance :
The Enemy is equiped with AK47s, AK74SUs, AK74SU/GLs, SVDs as well as Grenades. There are also Two - 60 Cal. Machine Gun Nests manned by one Tango each just short of, and Guarding the S.A.M. Launcher's position at the Top of the Hill across the River from Insert.

For this Mission - I will detail Objectives In the Order that I see they need to be accomplished. This is so You and Your Team will always be able to launch these Assaults from a stable Base when using this SOP.

I went with only a Sniper and a Demo Specialist (2 Ops). I usually try to do them with 1 Operative but for this Walkthrough I've used 2 Operatives. There are many ways to accomplish these Individual Missions, and this Walkthrough is only Intended as a Guide. There are many other SOPs ( Standard Operating Procedures ) that will be as effective as this one.

Objective # 1» Secure Secondary Crossing.
Hostiles in this Area / Approx. 18 Tangos ; Both on Patrol, and arriving @ the Crossing in Jeeps.

- The Start of this Mission could probably be best Described as - "Hurry up and Wait" - As You and Your Demo Spec. double-time it up the Hill that Overlooks the Guard Outpost where the Road crosses the River. You and the Demo Spec. will Set up a Primary Hide ( The First Shoot ) on the Side of this Hill to Engage a 3 Man Foot Patrol and a Jeep that will come from beyond the Location where You and You Demo Spec. Inserted. Eliminate both the 3 Man Foot Patrol and the Jeep as they Enter Your Sights.

Note : (Target Aquisition ) - If You make Your shots count - You'll Eliminate the 3 Man Foot Patrol and be prepared when the Jeep enters the fray shortly thereafter.

Note : ( Jeeps ) - Dump the Driver and You will effectively stop all forward progression of that Vehicle. Then - The Riders in the Back are Pure Gravy.

- Once You have Taken Out the Foot Patrol of 3 Tangos and Eliminated the Tangos in the Jeep, turn Your Sights to the Crossing at the River. With the Sniper - Traverse Your Scope angle and bring it to bear on the Tangos across the river crossing, that are guarding the OutPost. You will see a Patrol of 3 Tangos closest to You as well as another Patrol of 3 Tangos farther on up the Hill just passing the Outpost. The Far Patrol is one that will go out of Scope Range if You take to much time to conduct this, Second Shoot. Personally - I scope the farthest Patrol and note the Postitions of the 3 Tangos that are in the closest Patrol. Once I've made a Mental of the Various Postions, I then take the Farthest Tangos to My Line of Fire. Then Its BAM, BAM. Down go His 2 companions.

- The Elimination of the above Patrol cues the Nearest Patrol across the river, to You and Your Demo Spec. Stay Frosty, and Lay down Withering Fire on the Second Patrol as they attempt to Task Your Position while at the same time trying to make it to cover.

Note : In this Second Patrol - 2 of the Tangos will go Left / Right, with the remaining Tango dropping to one Knee and trying to Bag You and Your Team. Take the Tango hitting one Knee / Then Take the Tango going right before He makes that Rock / Then Take the Tango going for the Trees up the Hill across the river.

- Stay Static, and as You Scope up range You should see a Second Jeep come into View as it meanders its way down the Hill and across the Road traversing in front of the Outpost's Main building. Again Scope the Driver and "Let One Go". Once the Driver of the Second Jeep is toast - The 2 HitchHikers left riding in the back shouldn't know what hit them if You're worth Your salt with the business end of Your chosen Sniper Rifle.

- This should allow You and Your Team a good opportunity to cross the River at Double-Speed. Do so, and as Your Team moves to the Outpost Main Building's River-side wall, make sure You are scoping ten o'clock to two o'clock scopin' for Targets as You approach. This will ensure that You clear the Outpost Area totally as well as prevent Tangos inside the structure who may move out as You approach, from Taking You out. Additionally - This will allow You and Your Team to ensure that You have a Sanitized Area from which to Conduct the Third Shoot of this Mission.

- Once You are sure that the Immediate Area around the Outpost Building is Clear of Hostiles, move to the Left side of the back wall of the Outpost. Ensure that You go to a Prone position / Peek out to Your Left, and Scope up range to the 60 Cal. position up the Hill past the Outpost.

- Up range, You'll see one Tango manning a 60 Cal. Machine Gun as well as a 3 Man Foot Patrol of Tangos as they go about their WalkPath at the Top of the Hill. Bag the 60 Cal. Machine Gunner and then take out the 3 Man Patrol before they can get to cover. Now as You task these 4 Tangos - You may be further encumbered by another Roving Patrol of approx. 8 Tangos that will be cued to You and Your Squad by Your attack on the 60 Cal. Machine Gunner, and the 3 Man Foot Patrol. Be wary and Task Them as They Task You. Use the Corner of the Building for what its intended for - COVER. Peek Out / Peek back / Peek Out / Peek back, and be wary of the FireAngle that You'll present to Tangos that may attempt to Bag You from the Rocks - Direct Eleven thirty from Your NOW current Position.

- If You've taken All Your Targets / And checked them corners, this will leave You and Your Demo Spec. to Breach and Assault the Outpost Building to finally secure the "Secondary Crossing", as Your Mission's Primary OB # 1.

- Move You and Your Demo Spec. up to the Back Door of the Outpost Building and make sure that You've got that M4 Secondary Kitted up. Breach the Door, and enter the structure keeping eyes left as You movbe to the Interior Doorway. This Tango is the Trickiest Tango to kill as He is standing there usually cued on the fact that the Door was just Opened. Slice the Pie on this Tango and as soon as You see a foot or a knee - SHOOT His ( Insert Appendage ) right off and take a Deep Breath. This will leave 2 Tangos left in this Building. There is one in the room closest to You and Your Team as well as one in the Room that was closest to You when You were Sniping the Patrols outside, at the back of the Outpost. Crouch down as You move past the Door and once again If that Tango in the First room presents anything - Shoot it and let Him fall wherever He buys it. Move to the Back Room of the Outpost now, and this last Tango will be waiting for You to the right of the Door - just Inside the door and on the other side of a Desk in that Room. Peek until You can see His Kidneys and then remove them. This will have the effect of Killing that Tango, and Grant Your Team a - "Mission Objective # 1 | Successfully Completed". Now - On to the S.A.M. Launcher, and OB # 2...

Objective # 2» Neutralize Mobile SAM Launcher.

- Move You and Your Demo Spec. up from the secured Secondary Crossing to the Rocks just left of and Short of the other 60 Cal. Machine Gun position. Once You get to the Rocks this 60 Cal. will be located to Your Eleven thirty. Take out the Gunner and Double-time Your Demo Spec. to Your Squad's two o'clock, so as to be able to get off a Rock Solid shot with the AT4. Once You have that Aspect with the Demo Spec. - Destroy the S.A.M. Launcher, and then Double-time Your Demo Spec. to Your Squad's position at the Rocks, on the corner across from the Second 60 Cal. Machine Gun position. Get to the Top of this Ridge with the Sniper and set up just short of the Ridge Lip. This will be the Fourth, and Hopefully Last Shoot necessary to complete this Mission.

Objective # 3 » Stop Tank Column.

- Scoping from the RidgeLine, You'll Note through Your Scope that a Patrol of 3 Tangos is moving at Breakneck speed up over the Rise, and down the Road towards Your position. Take out the Lead Tango ( or at Least one of them ) to halt their advance. If You allow even one Tango to get under Your Long Gun's Scope - He will No Doubt attempt to take You and Your Team out as You set up for the AT4 Shots that need to be made on the Tank Column that is NOW, quicky approaching.

- You'll hear the unmistakable sound of the Armor as It approaches Your Position. Place Your Demo Spec. on the RidgeLine at the Position Designated on the Waypoints / Hostiles Diagram. This will afford Your Demo Spec. MAX cover while allowing the Most time to Reload the AT4, and get Successive Shots off as the Tanks move across Your LOF ( Line Of Fire ). Now - If You do this right - It should be ;

- Tank 1 Destroyed / Reload...
- Tank 2 Destroyed / Reload...
- Tank 3 Destroyed / "Mission Objective # 3 | Successfully Completed"

Objective # 4 - Neutralize Bridge Defenders.

- Move back to Your Sniper, and get Your Scope out across the RidgeLine again. Scope down the Road where the Tank Column has just come from. You'll see 2 Patrols of 3 Tangos now moving to Investigate the Destruction of the Tank Column. Wait 'em and let them All Present to You and Your Sniper Rifle. When the Patrols have moved far enough up and Finally have no where left to go - Begin Eliminating them with Extreme Prejudice making sure NOT to allow any of these Tangos to get under the Scope of Your Long Gun, Back Dooring You and Your Team in the Process.

- Stay Frosty, and take those Targets. You'll be surprised to Note that as You bag the Sixth Tango from these last 2 Patrols, You'll be presented with the Ingame Message ;

» "Mission Successful - All OBS Completed"

And the Screen will Fade to Black.

Tips and Strategies

  • This walkthrough was played on elite. If you play either of the other two difficulty levels, you can expect less enemy encounters.
  • There are a few snipers strategically placed on the map. Use your Optics to scan any area you are about to travel to, and always stay low. AI Ssnipers won't miss if they get a shot.
  • Look at the "Mission Waypoints" Diagram to obtain an estimate of where you can expect to encounter bad guys. The exact position, movement and encounter with the enemy forces depends on many variables, so it may vary slightly. Don't panic, Improvise.
  • Look at the "Mission Objectives" Diagram to obtain INTEL on the Objectives in the Mission and where you may expect to encounter the Need for that INTEL.
  • Move cautiously. Don't stand up unless you are certain an area You are about to enter is clear. At a minimum, kneel when traversing to different areas. When holding, go into the Prone position.
  • Use the environment, the Enemy does. Given the terrain, there are areas where you can have a height advantage/disadvantage. Select your position carefully. Many of the Enemy troops are well hidden and waiting to get a bead on you.
  • If you're new to Ghost Recon, and you're getting discouraged...use the quicksave and quickload feature. If you're a Pro...try it with no saves, no threat indicator and complete ALL of the objectives.