Desert Siege D07
Walkthrough By Xian Saint
Published : 10 November 2002
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Subtle Keep
Roadblock, Akal Guzay Awraja, Eritrea

Enemy Locations
Mission Waypoints

1. Neutralize Roadblock and Snipers.
2. Secure Compound.
3. Neutralize All Enemy Vehicles.
4. Reach Extraction Zone.


A – Recon Team
Rifleman – OICW
Rifleman – OICW
B – Assault Team
Support - M249 and Claymore
Demo - M4 and M136
C – Sniper Team
Sniper – M98 and Grenades
Sniper – M98 and Grenades


Threat Assessment: (Elite)
Estimated Number of Hostiles: 44

The great thing about these games are there are an infinite amount of possibilities to accomplishing the tasks. Of course some methods are better than others and the following walk-through presents one solution that I used that worked quite well.

HQ informs you during the mission briefing to expect an entrenched enemy and snipers, so be sure to include at least a sniper, but more likely the best plan would be to bring two. Also since one of the objectives is to neutralize the roadblock and enemy vehicles, I chose a team of OICW equipped rifleman because of their diversity and a team equipped with some heavier weapons as detailed above.

The key to this map, as well as most other maps, is patience and stealth. I found this map to be quite entertaining but not impossibly challenging. Its imperative to "work smarter, not harder" while progressing through the area. Initially, I also didn't really focus on completing the objectives as much as I did eliminating the enemy forces. If you concentrate on eliminating the enemy, the objectives will automatically be accomplished. If you worry too much about the objectives, the potential exists to lose sight of the threat and that's when accidents happen.

Objectives One and Three:

1. Neutralize Roadblock and Snipers.
3. Neutralize All Enemy Vehicles.

Due to the close proximity and the nature of these objectives, Charlie Team elected to be the tip of the spear and moved out to get to work and almost immediately spotted three snipers (each occupying a bunker) along the northeastern ridge. These enemy soldiers were easily eliminated without any confrontation. The sniper team also dispatched a lone soldier along the southern ridge. After they were eliminated, Bravo Team moved to the mountain passage, to the south of the starting location and held their position, being careful not to proceed too far up the ridge. Alpha Team held their position and covered the area to the southeast.

Charlie Team proceeded to the northeast where the enemy sniper bunkers were located, continuing to monitor the area to the southeast. A fair amount of enemy soldiers could be seen. Charlie Team positioned themselves in an optimal area and began exterminating the troops. A lone soldier escaped to the edge of the northern ridge and managed to get a shot off, injuring a member of Charlie Team. A minor shot to the chest. Charlie Team immediately returned fire and dispatched the enemy soldier.

Charlie Team continued following the ridge as it proceeded to the southeast. Again, another sniper located in a bunker up the ridge was spotted, and easily eliminated. By this time, the Charlie Team had relatively cleared the valley and radioed for Alpha to proceed and cover the area to the southeast. Bravo Team continued to cover the mountain pass.

After proceeding down the valley to the southeast, Alpha Team noticed a ridge that headed back towards the northwest to another mountain pass just east of Bravo Teams position. Fearing the enemy might flank the sniper team, Alpha positioned to cover this pass.

Charlie Team continued to the southeast which eventually headed more to the south. They practically stumbled on the roadblock and enemy vehicles. The two snipers of Charlie Team at a safe distance began plinking of the enemy soldiers as they scattered for cover. One by one the enemy soldiers would try and mount an attack, but not seeing the position of the snipers their actions were futile. The sniper team continued dropping the enemies until there was no more movement. This took quite some time, as this was an extremely fortified area. When it appeared the area was clear, Charlie Team lobbed a few grenades amid the vehicles to ensure there were no stragglers. Objective One and Three were accomplished. All was quiet and the team proceeded to the building to the south to check it clear, which it was. The sniper team now proceeded west along the ridge and again stumbled upon some unsuspecting soldiers. These soldiers had a decent position behind the ridge so Charlie Team used a grenade to stir up the enemy soldiers. Once they were on the run,they were eliminated without further problem. However, this action caused a number of soldiers south of the fortress to investigate the area. Again, the range capabilities of the snipers proved to be no match against the enemy soldiers though the snipers did receive some incoming hostile fire. With essentially the whole valley clear, and the extraction zone in sight, Charlie Team took cover and maintained guard to the north, keeping careful watch on the fortress.

Objective Two:
2. Secure Compound.

Not even realizing that Charlie Team had eliminated a majority of the threat, Alpha and Bravo Team stormed the fortress in a combined effort. Bravo drew enemy fire from a three man patrol to the southwest which they eventually eliminated and then dispatched a guard manning a fixed machine gun mount to the north of the fortress. Seeing a door in the northern wall of the structure, Bravo Team set a claymore near the door and retreated to the hill. In an attempt to lure the hostile soldiers out, Bravo Team fired a few shots into the door. Sensing the presence of the enemy at the door, Bravo Team activated the claymore, immediately dispatching the occupants of the room. Alpha Team proceeded to the south of the fortress and spotted a lone soldier to the south of the fortress. They quickly fired upon the soldier and eliminated him.

At this point, all hostile forces were eliminated and all three teams were extracted. Mission accomplished.

Tips and Strategies:

  • As in all other levels. Move slow, keep your head down and scan the area you are about to occupy. When leaving a team in a stationary position, make them go prone, with their backs protected and give them an area to cover.
  • Use a sniper. Use two snipers. Always try and engage the enemy from a long distance. Preferably a distance where he cant see you but you can still see him.
  • Watch out for enemy snipers in the ridges. They'll tend to be higher then your location, so just looking straight ahead won't cut it. Look up and down too.