Desert Siege D03
Walkthrough By Curtis
Published : 3 March 2004
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Cold Steam


1. Eliminate Mobile SAM Launcher.
2. Neutralize Tent Camp.
3. Secure Depot Buildings.
X. Capture Intelligence Items.



This is an alternative walkthrough by Curtis, you can find a fuller alternative here. This method uses less resources, and a cunning plan!

The Cunning Plan

After about a gazillion unsuccessful tries at getting the Intel without running out of time, I tried something last night that finally worked.

I more or less parked everyone except for my sniper who I ran all the way due west to come in behind the buildings where the intel is located. Much to my surprise, no one even saw me! It was pretty easy to enter between the buildings, lob a few grenades into the lofts, get the intel and move to the extreme top of the screen where I could pick off the rest of the tangos.

By the conclusion of the mission, my sniper had bagged 24 of them by himself.


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