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Mission D02 - The Refinery
By:Xian Saint
Published : 18th November, 2003
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Location: Massawa, Eritrea
Date: May 23, 2009
Time: 11:00
Rifleman M16/M203
Demolitions M4/Grenades

Support M249/Grenades
Demolitions M4/Grenades

Sniper M24/9MM
Sniper M24/9MM

1.) Eliminate Explosives Squad
2.) Rescue Captive Workers
3.) Reach Extraction Zone
X.) Eliminate All Enemy Units (32 total)


The great thing about these games is there are an infinite amount of possibilities to accomplish the tasks. Of course some methods are better than others and the following walk-thru presents one solution that I used that worked quite well.

Mission Introduction

Upon commencing Operation Flame Pillar, the Ghosts find themselves with a fair amount of resistance between their current position and the refinery. While not overly difficult to eliminate, this band of hostile soldiers can be challenging as they will often take cover behind the rocky terrain and are even capable of some long range shots. The armed jeep that arrives to reinforce their position also offers a bit of an obstacle, as it zips into the area ready to wreck havoc on any unsuspecting players.

To minimize exposure to the enemy, Alpha and Bravo Teams maintained position near the insertion zone and Charlie Team headed to the western side of the map using recon/advance ROE. (If you don't use Recon, your AI teammate might get trigger happy and fire off a few rounds, which usually leaves you in an unfavorable position, so I recommend Recon until you're in position). Once in a good prone position with protection afforded by the rocky terrain and a good field of view, Charlie Team engaged the soldiers. Within the first second or two, three soldiers were down with the rest running for cover behind the rocks. At this point, ROE was switched to assault. Charlie Team maintained position and let the enemy come to them. It didn't take long before the enemy soldiers appeared from behind the rocks, but were quickly dispatched by the prone snipers of Charlie Team. Shortly after this initial encounter, the armed jeep arrived on scene. A Charlie Team Sniper quickly disposed of the gunner in the rear of the jeep, and once the vehicle stopped and the driver got out, he too was eliminated.

Again the key to success in this area, is distance and cover. After most of the forces were eliminated, Bravo Team arrived on scene to mop up the one or two stragglers that had taken cover. With the area secured, Alpha Team proceeded North to the thin mountain pass, Bravo Team proceed east along the ridge line towards the refinery, and Charlie Team advanced east of their position covering the openings leading into the refinery.

Forces Encountered: 5-8 armed with AK-47's, one vehicle with machine gunner.


1. Eliminate Explosives Squad - Without a doubt, this mission objective is the most critical to accomplish due to the time constraints involved. While there is ample time to perform the necessary task, the Refinery is heavily defended, and if there is any significant delay in dispatching the "Explosives Squad" member, he will detonate his explosives and the mission will be a failure. Obviously the way to prevent this from happening is to take him out quickly. The Explosives Squad Member is located in the central area of the map near a rectangular structure that appears to be some form of generator or similar piece of equipment.

While it is possible to make the shot from outside the Refinery, there are a number of soldiers that will ascend on your position once you have been detected. They will also lob grenades, and do so with cunning accuracy. I used the following tactic to storm the refinery. The southern entrance to the Refinery was created by some type of blast or explosive, as the crater that remains provides some decent cover. Bravo Team positioned themselves just outside the crater and with a carefully aimed burst from the Demo's M4, the Explosive Squad Member was eliminated. This resulted in heavy enemy forces storming the area. Bravo Team took position in the crater and held position, dispatching enemies as they ran to assist their fallen comrades. Once the bomber is out of the picture, time is no longer critical, so Bravo Team held position. Surprisingly, just when I thought the area was clear, shots would ring out again and as another enemy soldier fell to the ground. Bravo Team's (AI) Support team mate armed with the M249 did an excellent job covering the area. After a majority of the hostile forces were removed, Charlie Team proceeded through the other forced entrance into the side of the Refinery. The key here is patience. Take your time. Don't rush the enemy, let them rush you. Once the confines of the refinery were checked clear, Charlie Team maneuvered to the north and covered the entrance with an arc of coverage to the west. Laying prone, with an Assault ROE the team could cover the hillside. (One thing to note, on some occasions another Jeep with machine gunner will come down the hill while other times it stays at the Depot. One variable to watch out for.)

Forces Encountered: 10-12 armed with AK-47's and grenades.

At this point, Objective One has been accomplished. Alpha Team is still holding the mountain pass to the west, Bravo Team has just cleared the Refinery and Charlie Team has taken up sniping any targets out the northern entrance of the refinery. Proceeding to next objectives.

2. Rescue Captive Workers, Reach Extraction Zone, Eliminate All Enemy Units - Essentially these next three objectives all coincide with one another. If all the enemy units are eliminated, then there is no one left holding the workers captive, and there isn't a need to reach the extraction zone. This is one of the easier missions to eliminate all the enemy units, so really the only concern is not doing anything that results in injuring any of the captured workers. To scout the area out, Alpha Team carefully proceeded up the mountain pass. Once they reached the top of the pass, careful observation revealed a manned machine gun nest.

If you're not careful, this gunner will quickly make swiss cheese of you and your team. If you proceed cautiously, you can catch the gunner, or at least enough of him to take a shot before he even thinks about squeezing the trigger. Once Alpha Team dispatched the machine gunner, a number of grenade throwing enemy soldiers started strafing the area. Alpha Team proceeded back down the pass a short distance, covering the top of the pass. These soldiers were easily eliminated once they stepped into view. After the area was secured, Alpha Team proceeded to the top of the pass, went prone and covered the south side of the depot.

Forces Encountered: 4-6 armed with AK-47's and grenades, one machine gun nest.

The Refinery was secured, Charlie Team snipers eliminated a few roving guards to the west of their position. After several minutes of waiting for more enemy contact, Charlie Team gave the all clear and Bravo Team proceeded to the Depot to rendezvous with Alpha Team for the assault on the Depot.

Forces Encountered: 3 armed with AK-47's.

At this point, Alpha Team is on the south side of the depot, Bravo Team is proceeding to the Depot and Charlie Team is holding up position in the Refinery. Given that Bravo Team has the heavier firepower, they proceed to lead the assault on the Depot. From a safe distance away, it appears that the other vehicle is parked at the Depot and two soldiers are in the back, manning the machine gun. Bravo Team decides to lob a grenade to clear the area. The grenade hits the metal garage door that is halfway lowered and falls to the ground, mere feet away from the vehicle.

Obviously within range, as the blast drops both men in the vehicle. Using the confusion caused by the grenade to their advantage, Bravo Team storms the Depot through the partially opened garage door. A lone soldier standing near the vehicle, still recovering from the shock of the grenade, is quickly eliminated. The captured workers are visible in a tiny room in the northwestern corner of the Depot. Bravo Team Demolition Soldier armed with his M4 carefully sweeps the area, and eliminates the two remaining soldiers guarding the hostages. All enemy units neutralized, accomplishing the remaining objectives.

Forces Encountered: 5 armed with AK-47's.

Tips and Strategies

-Try and engage the enemy from as far away as tactically feasible. The soldiers on this map use grenades abundantly and the thing about grenades is, they just have to be close.

-While its possible to shoot out the tires on any of the vehicles, usually its best to shoot the gunner first. The driver will keep driving his route, and then stop and get out thereby giving you enough time to chamber another round and sighting in on him for the next shot. If you shoot the vehicle or the driver first, and the gunner is in range, you've just revealed your position to him and you risk the chance of incoming fire.

-While clearing the Depot with grenades is acceptable, be careful not to lob one too far in or you may kill some of the hostages. Also, watch out for the two soldiers guarding the hostages. Their opposing position can make it difficult to encounter one without leaving your side exposed. Proceed carefully.

-If you're new or struggling with accomplishing this mission, use the available features (like quick saving and/or threat sensor) to assist you in your tactics, and also take a look at the screen shot that shows the enemy placement.

Specialist Unlocked : Dieter Munz


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