Mission D01-The Beach
WalkthroughBy: Stalker
Published : 16th November, 2003
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Beach, Samhar Awraja, Eritrea
Rifleman – M16 / Sensors
Rifleman – M16 / M203
Support – M249 / Frags

Demo Expert – M4 / Frags
Demo Expert – M4 / AT4

Sniper – M24 / M9 SD

1. Eliminate Beach Encampment
2. Neutralize Machine Guns
X. Eliminate Main Tent Camp
3. Secure Area Around Radio Tower

For this mission - I will detail objectives in the order that I see they need to be accomplished.


I have completed this mission with the standard rifles that are only available in the campaign mode. That makes this mission harder because you don’t have good suppressed weapons like the M4 SOCOM or the MP5SD. But it’s not strictly necessary to take suppressed weapons because the terrain is very lucrative for the player. If you don’t want to complete the extra objective, just don’t go to the Main Tent Camp. But why? You’ll miss a specialist and the mission will be harder because you have to attack the area around the Radio Tower from a unprofitable location.

OBJECTIVE 1 – Eliminate Beach Encampment

First set the Combat ROE of all teams to suppress. Switch to Charlie-Sniper and walk a bit east (20-25 meters). Zoom out and now you are able to see the heads of 3 tangos which are standing around the fire. Try to kill them. You should kill 2 of them and 1 will seek cover but that doesn’t matter. Now if that is done just wait. All tangos from the camp will come across the little hill and killing them won’t be a big problem. In the end you should have killed 6 tangos.

OBJECTIVE 2 – Neutralize Machine Guns

After that move Bravo to Point B and Charlie to Point A. Point A should be the top of a little slope next to a rock. Make sure Charlie stays prone. Zoom out and then check if you are able to see both stationary MG's and both patrols (each patrol is 3 tangos and each MG 1 tango).
Now begin with your attack. At first kill the 2 patrols and in the end the tangos at the MG's. If you have missed one of the tangos he will run down the hill. If Charlie doesn’t see him, there is also Bravo Bravo will kill him!


OBJECTIVE X – Eliminate Main Tent Camp

Now set the Combat ROE from Charlie and Bravo to Recon and move Charlie to Point C and Bravo to Point D. Both teams should be lying on the ground and covering the Main Tent Camp. You (Charlie) should be able to see a 4-men-patrol on the west side of the camp and a sniper in the wooden tower. There’s also a 3-men-patrol in the center of the camp but you aren’t able to see them at the moment.
Now change the Combat ROE from Charlie and Bravo back to suppress and start your attack. At first eliminate the 4-men-patrol and then the sniper. After about 20 seconds you will maybe see the 3-men-patrol trying to overrun your location. If not, switch to Bravo and investigate the camp and kill the remaining tangos.

OBJECTIVE 3 – Secure Area Around Radio Tower

Now set the Combat ROE of all teams to Recon and move Alpha to Point G, Bravo to Point F and Charlie to Point E. Switch to Alpha and place a sensor next to the big rock, so that you are able to see the 3-man-patrol who is patrolling the area around the log cabins on the command map. If that is done, kill the 3 tangos and then hide behind the rock. Now switch to Charlie and kill all patrols you are able to see (4 tangos next to the Radio Tower and 3 tangos next to the house on the right). Be careful because the 3-men-patrol is trying to overrun your location (they are using frags!!!).
The remaining tangos are in the house, in the cabin in the west of the house and in the Radio Tower. Switch to Bravo and blow one of the doors of the house with your AT4 up. Go down the hill and throw a frag inside the house. Now the house should be clear.
After that throw a frag inside the small cabin (Point H) and then go to the Radio Tower. Throw a frag through the window in the room. Go upstairs till you are on the second floor. Be careful and move very slow. Throw a frag around the corner and now a sniper will fire in your direction. Switch to Alpha and eliminate him.
That was the last enemy and now the mission will be completed.


Specialist Unlocked : Lindy Cohen

- Use frags while clearing the buildings
- Don’t hurry, the enemies will come to you


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