Collated : Spray
Summaries : Firestar & Daywanderer
Published : 9th January 2002
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Monkey Review | 4.5/5 | 1 page
"The game kicked me around and left me all bruised and tenderized, it played like a charm..."
GGG2G | "outstanding" | 1 lengthy page
Acknowledged as one of the most accurate reviews as the reviewer played through the entire game in order to make a balanced report - on top of that, it's a good read - check it out.
IGN | 9.3/10 | 1 Page (but very long, so more like 4 or 5!)
Very detailed, polls and lots of media included.
Gamezilla | 96% | 1 page
My personal favourite review.. accurate and short.
'It scores a high 90’s and two thumbs up from me!' - nice touch. :o)

World at War | 90% | 3 pages
Good review, particularly advice about checking forums for hardware problems BEFORE buying and the use of the manual.

GameSpot | 7.3/10 | 2 Pages
Slightly against the game, focuses alot on some problems, and then blows them up out of proportion. This review caused a storm it was so negative, and in complete contrast to previous preview articles.
GameSpot UK | 8.6/10 | 4 Pages
Good review if not slightly inaccurate about the following: "...large outdoor locations, although there are plenty of imposing cities to engage in too..." Gives good knowledge about the general idea of Ghost Recon for any potential buyers.
Gamespy | 76% | 3 pages
A fairly accurate review which brings up a few valid, if not relatively small, issues. A couple of "errors" that seem to make a somewhat large impact on the final score.
Gamezone | 8/10 | 1 page (again, long, more like 3 pages)
Mediocre review, but there are good details about the test system that may interest some people to see if their system will give similar results to those the reviewer experienced.
Gamesdomain | 3.5/5 | 1 page
Very nice "thingy" along the right, with a summary of the review before you even read it - if you want a quick idea of the game. Good picture interspersal.
SimHQ | uhm no score | 2 Very long pages
EXTREMELY intricate, and some would say "inaccurate". Raises some fair points, makes some errors, controversial, doesn't give a final score.

Gameover | 86% | 1 page
Nice screens, nice general background information and relating to RS series.

Fragtopia | no score | 5 pages
Good layout but lacking final score. Spanned across many pages.
Games Fusion | 80% | 4 pages
Appealing and nice layout, very non-formal.
Game Pro | 16.5/20 | 1 page
This is pretty poor... about 10 lines of text and no conclusions.
Eurogamer | 8/10 | 2 pages
Normal review, VERY good how messages by the public are shown on each page at the bottom.