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A Simple Rendering Tutorial
Published : October 7th, 2003
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This is a little tutorial about how to make a nice render in 3dsm with shadows and a cool background.

Step 1: Setting up the background

Select the Front View and under the Create tab – Geometry, select the Plane button as shown below.


Step 2: Drawing a Plane

After you have selected the Plane button, draw the plane in the Front view window as shown below. you can give this plane any color or texture using the Materials Editor.

Step 3: Merging a model into the scene

Now merge one of your models into the scene by using File > Merge, like in the picture below.


When you have merged the model into the scene you can scale and rotate it around to get the look you want the scene to have, like I have done in Picture 4.

Step 4: Setting up the Light and Shadow

Under the Create tab, select Lights (1) and click on the Omni button (2). In the Omni options make sure you click the little box next to Cast Shadows (3)


Step 5: Entering the light into the scene

Select the Left Viewport. You will see a crosshair, click once in the scene to enter the Omni light into the scene, as shown below. Please make sure it is a distance away from the plane and your model. If you want to create larger shadows, move the Omni up or down.


Step 6: Rendering the scene.

All that is left to do is to render the scene. Go to Rendering and select Render or press F10. you will see a menu where you are able to change the size of the picture and to save the file. Press Render and you are done!

If you want to create a render like your gun is lying on the floor, use the Arc Rotate button to rotate the whole scene until you are satisfied with the result.


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