Advanced Tactical Manual - Vehicle Threat Brief
By: EricJ

Published : October 18th, 2006


Vehicle Threat Brief

By EricJ

Let’s face it, there’s not much of a pure vehicle threat in GR:AW. However, as limited it really is… it can still be a threat. The Mexican Army depicted in GR:AW uses three types:

- Panhard
- M1A1 Abrams
- Mi-28 “Havoc”

The Mi-8/17 you just see, it’s not really represented well, and honestly it’s funny in a way how they have a mixture of American, French, and Russian equipment. Granted it’s a fictional world, but countries, such as Kuwait, uses a mix of the types. Anyways we’re not talking about a country’s defense policy but talking about what they’re going to do to you. Which is of course try and kill you.

Armed Version

Transport Version (Static)

Panhard VBL (Véhicule Blindé Léger)

The Panhard comes in two types, unarmed transport, and armed transport. The unarmed transport just contains a squad of soldiers, and one driver, and remains for the most part a static prop, rather than a moving vehicle. I mention the lowly driver because he’s the only person you can get 9mm ammo from, for either your Glock 18, Beretta, or MP5SD6. The other members carry a mix of G36Es and at least one HK21E. Expect them to drive up and try to ambush you for the armed version. But the reality is that they are meant to “slow” you down. If you played the missions you just know where to expect them. Suffice to say, you see one, you can expect it to disgorge a squad. For the armed version, just add a ring mounted HK21E and you’ll be set.

The key to killing a Panhard is accurate fire depending on profile. Stop wasting time on the wheels, shoot out the windows. It’s possible to kill the driver and the TC (Tank Commander, the passenger seat on the right) if you put a few bullets into there. Also you’re able to shoot the squad in the back through the back windows. Note that either a bug or designed, they can and will fire back at you.

Naturally this applies to either version. Usually though with the armed version, your priority target is naturally the gunner, with his super stabilized HK21E. Other ways is to watch it closely. If he’s gonna stop, he’s going to drop the squad, and everybody except the gunner is going to bail out, find cover, and turns into a semi prolonged firefight, depending how retarded your AI reacts, or any other reason for that matter. Once the doors open, start hosing the area around it:

Like real life, a lot of body parts are visible, start shooting them. Eventually you’ll neutralize an entire squad and hopefully none will shoot back. However, the key to this operation first, is of course is to neutralize the gunner:

A few good aimed shots will do the job, and then move on to wasting everybody else.

In some cases, such as most missions, they will drive in your general path, drop soldiers off and reinforce any position (such as a sniper position) or setup a delaying action. Only in the last part of Bulldog should you really get over there and take action, and as well Coup d’ etat. Most of the time, take your time when going for your objective.

In Quarterback, it will actually roll by your path. Launch a grenade at it. Hopefully (though only once really) can you kill the entire vehicle by causing it to roll over. Unfortunately I’ve done it once, and numerous times have I tried that again, no luck. However it was pretty interesting watching it in the TacView do that. Also if you get a lucky shot inside the vehicle with your grenade launcher, you can destroy the vehicle:

Note that it will take two grenades (hand-thrown or launched) to do the job:

Depending on the carried squad’s position, you may or not get some extra kills due to their position relative to the vehicle. However, sometimes they may never get out:

Just take whatever secondary or primary, and shoot him through the window. Take his ammo if necessary. Also I only noticed this when I heard the vehicle running and investigated, and well….. Along with hitting the driver when he’s stationary, if you get a lucky shot while he’s driving:

As in real life, the vehicle will roll until it stops, and this is where it stopped at. Note the soldiers in the back will after a minute, start bailing out. So watch the back doors if they’re facing towards you, and then start chopping them down.

It should be noted that you can use a ZEUS-MPAR but why? Only a couple missions actually need you to use it, so just carry more ammo packs and be done with it. Plus you can never get an RPG, so it’s kinda moot right? Aimed fire is the key. Save the missile for bigger things.

It should be noted that the vehicle is the centerpiece of any of such patrols designed to slow you down. Overall just hit it first, knock out the gunner as always, as you are going to face armed versions more often than the vanilla transport ones. Key thing to remember, if you see it moving, it’s armed. If there’s .50 cal’s or other built up defenses, then you’ll face the transport ones, however in Quarterback, you will face an armed one at a checkpoint, so that’s the only exception to the rule.

There are many vehicle threats in Ghost Recon including the Panhard, but one thing the creators could have added is a tactical boat. Having a trawler yacht for example would have allowed missions by water which would have added an interesting element to the game.

Image courtesy of ToW-DeUcEsWiLd

M1A1 Abrams

Well, do I need to say not to mess with it openly? In Coup d’ etat, you really don’t have much of an option, as well; you can’t complete the mission if you don’t kill it. Thing is, you need the ZEUS-MPAR, no way around it. It will use its main cannon (HEAT round) and of course it’s coaxial M240C on you. Yes, don’t mess with it. In Strong Point, if you sneak right, you don’t have to ever worry about it shooting you. In Ready for Bear, and Fierce Resistance, it’s also not an option. However, in both missions, you do have tank support, and should use it if you don’t have a ZEUS-MPAR. Unfortunately the missile imparts such a weight restriction you’re better off using the tanks.

However, everybody knows the quickest way to kill a tank is this missile system, so we’re going a couple routes here. First we’ll use missile tactics, and then we’ll use tank warfare.

Missile tactics is simple, get a lock on fast, and kill it. The game is scripted so you can kill it and that’s it. No twenty missiles are needed. Key point is to aim for the back of the tank. The M1A1 runs off of a turbine engine, i.e. a converted jet engine. A lot of heat emanates from the back, and is the best aspect to engage it. Unfortunately tanks are vulnerable to infantry, so what’s the best way the Mexicans handle it? Have their own infantry support the tanks. While in Ready for Bear it’s not a real issue, sort of, Fierce Resistance it is, as well as Coup d’ etat. Other than that, lock on and let it fly.

Tank on tank warfare is limited to what they do. Let them handle their business when they fight. As some already know, the only options via TacView/CrossCom are “Move” and “Attack”. Like a Ghost, you can move it around, but it’s huge, and will mainly follow the streets, no offroad action here, as well most of the combat is of course urban/industrial. Other than that, it will do what the scripted AI does, blow stuff up. Due to friendly explosive bugs, it will pound the crap out of bunker positions, but won’t kill anything, but another tank. Weird isn’t it? A 120mm HEAT from an enemy tank will blow you up, while your tanks will do nothing. Anyways, let’s stop a possible rant.

A key thing is to get it moving and control movement. In both of those missions, you have to preplan your attack to a degree. The tanks are huge and so therefore not so much slow, but in reality, just cumbersome in such an environment. Move your tanks so that if you send the lead first, predict generally where it will stop at the end of its waypoint, and position the trail tank accordingly. Again let it just kill what it wants.

In Ready for Bear, let it kill the tanks, you and your special ed soldiers deal with the dismounts. Tell it to attack and just chill out for a bit. They’re going to duel. And always let your tanks get in the first shot. Generally that’s how I attack them, and generally how it works. Also if you kill one tank and it survived, pull it back, move the fresh one up (tip from and let it tackle the next one because if you lose one in Ready for Bear, mission failed. In Fierce Resistance, you can lose a friendly tank without totally failing the mission. Can’t do nothing about that one ladies and gentlemen, that’s warfare. But if you so choose, carry that ZEUS-MPAR. Just don’t depend on your special ed soldiers to use it correctly.

Mi-28 “Havoc”

The Mi-28 Havoc you only have to face four times. I mean, they fly by you three times, kinda like a teaser. The thing is….. if you know how to handle the joker once, do it again. I mean okay, in Quarterback it’s going to mess you up. In the other missions…. not sure, as while in Ready for Bear, they were a threat. Okay, the point is that while in reality they are a serious threat. In GRAW however, if you actually let your special ed soldiers shoot at it, let them.

The key is a lot of bullets, and a lot of ammo depending on your weapon. Suffice to say Full Auto or aimed bursts will do the trick. While it’s suggested to use the ZEUS-MPAR… don’t, at least in my opinion. It takes too long for a lock, and by that time the gunner in the helo is already adjusting its fire on to you. It flits around, which I’m sure in reality it could. Plus you’re in an urban environment. Buildings.

First when you spot it, fire full auto at it. Okay realistically will all of your bullets hit? Of course not. That’s why you should carry a weapon where you can get the ammo off of the dead enemies. Simply because you’re going to need it. So what you do once you do see it afterwards, go defensive. Put your team in a semi-circle around you.

The thing for that is you are going to get them scanning, and they’re going to fire. Whether they actually hit it or not is not your concern, as that’s YOUR objective, as always, you are the reason moves along. Stupid GRIN scripting that way, but such as it seems. Let your teammates handle the Big One and you concentrate on scanning the air for it. Once you see it, start shooting at it heavily until it eventually it dies.

One of the main reasons you set up in a semi-circle, is to keep the enemy gunner from getting a weapons lock with its missiles. Sure it’s going to fire its cannon, kinda common sense, but you must prevent it from doing such. Reason being missile systems need time to lock on, and you can’t lock on if you’re dodging bullets. Oh sure you’re in one of the best attack helicopters, but humans are humans.