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Ghost Recon Wildlands All Editions [USA] Explained

What is the Best Ghost Recon Wildlands Collector’s Edition?


Ubisoft have really gone to town with the variety of Ghost Recon Wildlands versions available for boxed retail purchase and digital download, so much so that when you throw in territory versions, it can become a little overwhelming! If you’ve seen Ubisoft advertise a specific Wildlands Collector’s Edition but cannot find it anywhere to buy, it’s probably due to regionalisation and territory restrictions or special exclusive store deals; check our full list below to figure it all out!

Here’s the complete list of all the goodies you can find scattered amongst all the various Wildlands Special Editions in various territories :

Wildlands Merchandise

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This includes huntsman rifle and motorbike, 3 emblems, 3 weapon camos, 3 character customization items, and an XP booster.
This includes early access to two major season pass updates Narco Road and Fallen Ghosts. Extra equipment packs, extra perks, XP boosts, Unidad Conspiracy missions, Peruvian Connection pack, new vehicle.
10 inch Santa Muerte (Fallen Angel) 10.5 inch figurineKen Taylor Limited Edition Poster set
War Within the Cartel SteelBook12 inch Nomad Statue
Bolivian Carry Pouch and Bolivian postcardsSoundtrack CD
Audio Headset and full size Cartel SkullPhysical game map
Embroidered Ghost Recon PatchesWildlands Lithograph

Wildlands All Editions Content Explained

Use the table below so you do not miss out on the best deal, the best merchandising or the best package for your own preferences. If we missed one, please get in touch and let me know so we can update this Wildlands Collection page!

War within
the Cartel