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GR Mods Update Nov. 2020 has been serving Ghost Recon mods for almost 20 years, however the system used to deliver these mods has become outdated and requires an upgrade before it can be brought back online.

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We have been providing these fantastic mods for free for almost 20 years – but now we need your help to keep this service going. If you have enjoyed our mod collection over the years, or if you want to see this collection back online, please help by contributing to the cost of hiring a PHP developer to bring our download system up to date. Everyone who contributes will recieve a permanent namecheck on the downloads page when it come back online.

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100’s of Ghost Recon mods, 200+ Weapons and skin mods, 11 Amazing Unofficial Expansion Packs, 100+ Custom Campaigns, 80+ New Maps, 25 massive Total Conversions, hundreds of new missions, over 60Gb of files,  300+ GRAW mods, 200+ GRAW2, etc etc….

Heroes Unleashed, CENTCOM, Year of the Monkey, War of Infamy, Frostbite, P2 A Cold Day in Hell, Rockall, Icebreaker, BloodOil, No Easy Day, Israeli Defence Force, Alpha Mod, Sabre Teams, 101st Airborne, British Royal Marines, HX5 Red Sun, Demon Rage, Bravo 2-5, Fight For Freedom, Free Russia, Saving Private Ryan, Sniper Team, 8 Days Reloaded, Brothers in Arms, Band of Brothers, Eagle Claw, Free Libya!, 7.62 Weapon Mod, Standard Upgrade, Spetsgruppa-Vympel and 100’s more…

Fan Feedback

the mod collection is brilliant some stuff I’ve never seen before

Mr Moon

I was totally blown away with all the mods available right now after all these years.


“”I have been like a kid at Christmas time, installing the mods and playing GR again….” 


If you know a PHP programmer who could help re-code a legacy script, please get in touch.


The only current alternative to access the full collection of Ghost Recon mods is on a 64Gb USB stick. This service will be withdrawn at the end of 2020.