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I am finally building a gaming machine


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It's a last ditch effort to beat the 1mb cache carrying Athlon64. They're officially debuting it this week, but some vendors have some in stock (if they havent sold out yet). Cheapest price was $450 for the 3200+, and if you haven't seen the benches, you really should. Game performance is 10-40% faster than a 3.2ghz P4. The FX51 version is even faster, but also not publicly available atm and more expensive.

Here's some links-

-Initial Playing: http://www.tbreak.com/forums/showthread.ph...?threadid=19317

-Overclocking it: http://www.tbreak.com/forums/showthread.ph...?threadid=19526

Will the P4 'Extreme' be able to beat these numbers? No idea, because no one seems to have one procured. My thoughts... It will come close, but as they say, no cigar. AMD is currently tops on the cpu race again. :)

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well i think that cpu is going to be way out of my price range here. i think i will be ok with the cpu i already picked.

and today i picked up 2 80mm blue led fans and a 4 channel aluminum fan controller. i was going to get 2 more for the front but after putting the others in the case i think i will just get a 120mm fan. still need to get a good heatsink/fan for the cpu. any ideas?

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That 2.4GHz P4 will be more than enough for your rig. There are very few software applications that will utilize 100% of the current CPUs available. As far as the "new" P4s, you'll be paying for cutting-edge technology, just like the Opteron processors.

Fact is, I'd much rather have the Opteron. <_<

Good Luck on your rig. You'll be impressed. :thumbsup:

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