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Thanks for the compliments. I can't wait myself to finish it.

The front page caption is a little misleading. There is a lot more to the mod than what is being advertised. This is what we have so far for you:

5 mission campaign all on new map levels designed by Neutron. (I have been trying to talk him into a sixth map and time permitting he will work on it.)

The maps are broken down as follows:

A radar base

A beached ship stuck in the ice just off the coast

A missile base (this is actually a two-part map.)

A re - lit and modified radar base

We are also including a smaller version of the ship map for custom game type play. There were several AI transitional issues due to the complexity of the single player version and some of the transitions had to be blocked off on that version.

Without revealing the entire story-line, we have a little war going on way up north near the pole on an island and the ghosts have been called in to intervene.

Skin work has been done by Bajabravo, some of the weapons that appeared in Sabre Teams will be in there, DonMiguel has made a launcher application to activate all of the necessary mods in the correct order. He has also provided invaluable help in custom sounds and overall debugging.

I, myself, have made two custom vehicles. A M113 and a snowmobile. Caramon352 made the skin for the M113 and Bajabravo made the skin for the snowmobile.

As far as progress goes, I have the first three missions in beta form being playtested. I should be able to have the fourth one done by the end of next week.

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:D this mod looks sharpe,I´ve been waiting on somthing like this,kool,can´t wait to d-ld it!when is it coming out?hopefully soon!yea,question,sombody needs to make a mod for the side gunners on the blackhawk,so that they fire too.real helo-side gunners give fire support in a hot LZ.so heres an idea for a new mod guys.
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GIVE IT TO ME NOW!!!!hehehe....no really....any updates on the release?

btw ROCKY just noticed your AVATAR.....SWEET....

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