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Looking to put together a modding team


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God Almighty, this is getting out of hand! :P

I mean, I just posted this yesterday, and already, I've got about 16 people showing serious interest. For those of you who've expressed interest here, please e-mail me, and let's talk. I can't promise that I'll choose to work with everyone, but I'd like to find a place for anyone who can whole-heartedly contribute. Believe me - this mod is going to be different.


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Sorry to add in another post, but, what I think that we need, right off the bat, is someone who's really good with PHPNuke. I'd like to get the site up ASAP, and I absolutely stink at PHP. So, if anybody would like to help out in that regard, please, please e-mail me, and include a reference to PHP in the subject line. Thanks!

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Kpl.Eli,Sep 12 2003, 13:50 ] Well there was such modding group before, But that 1 felt apart :(

Every member has gone its own way, so I decided to make my own mods, and see if i could bring something in into the comunity of GR players.

so lets hope this modding group will stand.


Kp ;)

What group was that? I'm a founder and former team leader of =DRAG=, and we did pretty well for ourselves, except that we didn't know how to handle ourselves once we gained some notoriety and got swamped. I'm wise to that game now, and I think that we'll do well. :)

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=MM= Midnight Mods ok, the site is still up and still there is =MM=Shadow who is doing mods for GR, but the team was much bigger before.

Before that it was called the "Gaming Alliance"

this team was including:

* Pain

* Ruthlezz

* Shadow

* Robjamo

* Angel

* Myself.

later some other joined but then the Gaming Alliance didnt exsits anymore.

The dream felt apart and everybody was going his own way. :(


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If you build it ..............they will come!!!!............I'm here too if you so wish!

Are you serious??? E-mail me, and let's talk!

@ [GRT1]Kpl.Eli: Unfortunately, that happens sometimes. If twenty people join your modding group, you can probably safely say that only six or eight of them will be dedicated, team players. The others, even though they're good modders, will often 'fall away' for some reason or another. That's the danger in working in a big group.

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I can't wait for this mod, eventhough I don't know what it's going to be !

But saying it's not a mod with lots of wep-kits, or lots of skins, or maps, but just 1 good map, I already like it.

And I can see I'm not the only one, lol


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[edit]The camo scheme is mine - original texture property of Cobra6-DtD_Pro  ;)

Here you go Para.. my public offering, we will talk, but count me in, you have another email & another PM.  :thumbsup:

I don´t know, but I get some strange feelings while looking at this thing... I just want to put it in there and rock & roll!


A clip that is :sheep:

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That SR-47 SD looks like a re-textured photo. If it is a 3Dsm render, that's how good it is. The only thing that stands out to me is the connection between the silencer and the barrel lacks the perspective that is apparent from the bipod legs position. Allow me the devil's advocate moment, as a re-touched photo, it displays an excellent mastery of the art. The sublety of the coloring and the areas where the coloring was not placed is as though he personally airbrushed the weapon then took the photo on a white-card background.

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