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removing napster,kazaa,bearshare

F'n New Guy

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About the only real sure way to do it is to uninstall the programs, delete all program files and shortcuts, then manually edit the registry, backing it up first. If you need more help with this, post here.

:o= ok so please tell me exactly

how to delete them

manually from the registry

and do they have other files attached to them

i need to look for aswell?

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Before doing the regedits below, follow these steps in order first.

Go to add/remove programs and uninstall the desired programs. Once done, or if it doesnt work, delete all program folders and shortcuts from your HDD and desktop.

Once this is done, go to Start, Run, and type in regedit. Hit enter.

Go to file in the upper left corner, and choose export. Export a copy of the registry to a safe place in case something goes south on you. If it goes wrong, you will be able to reboot into Safe mode, double click the exported file, and restore your registry.

Follow the steps below from within regedit.

Any questions, give a shout. - SOTOPhantm


After deleting all program folders for these programs, and all the shortcuts on your desktop, start menu, and quick start menu, do the following.

Go intoC:\Windows\System32, and go up to the heading bar just above your listed files. Make sure you go to view, and choose details first.

Right click on the bar, and choose more at the very bottom, then scroll through the list and choose company. Look for any entries which contain any info from the software makers you are trying to get rid of, and delete those entries.

Next, go upto the top of this post, and follow instructions to back up your registry to a safe place ! ! ! MUI IMPORTANTE guys ! ! !

Then go to HkeyLocal Machine\Software, and look for any entries for Gator, Banzai Buddy, Kazaa, Bear Share, and what ever else you dont want.

Keep in mind that once you alter the registry, you need to make a new restore point when you are done. Sys restore doesnt work once the registry has been altered until you make a new restore point, or restore the exported reg file in case of screw up.

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Definitely make sure you read them before axing them ! ! I have seen legitimate program files get 86'd because owners assumed everything that the two programs found was spyware.

You have to remember that programs are only as smart as the programmer is.

Which brings up another point. Windows XP is 50 million lines of code long. How many imperfections do you think are in there? Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ! !

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The fact that Adaware and Spybot find spyware in things like Microsoft products merely indicates that the programs are working. ;)

When an application, without your knowlege or permission, takes information from your computer use habits, such as filenames of mp3's opened in WMP, and reports them to Microsoft (even if "anonymously") then that application is defined as spyware. Sure, it may be the most harmless thing to you, but that doesn't mean it isn't going on.

MS Works, MS Office, WMP and a slew of other Microsoft products (as well as some Creative driver sets/applications) all technically contain spyware, as they all collect data from your computer and report it to a third party, without asking permission. Thus, AdAware/Spybot would be remiss to ignore them, although you can certainly set your preferences in the scanners to bypass them.

caveat in perpetuum :P

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