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External Hard Drive


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I know one (or more) of the experts out there will have an answer/opinion on this. I am considering getting an external hard drive for backups and general storage. Maybe something in the 40 - 60 GB range. I was also thinking about the possibility of going to a computer show and getting a used 25 - 30GB HDD and then buying an external case for it.

Any thoughts?



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I dont recommend a used HDD for anything that you have to rely on. You dont know how hard it was used, or if there were ever any problems with it. You can get 40-60GB HDD's fairly cheap now.

If it is just for back ups, and you are looking for a bargain, and a great, dependable way to back up, why not save some money, get a good CD-RW drive for around 50 dollars, and a spool of CD-R's?

External HDD's are kind of pricey just for storage and back ups, and if you back up important data on them, and it gets knocked around, you could be out of business.

Why not add an Internal HDD for less money than an externnal drive?

In any case, if you go with another HDD, do NOT go used. You will be sorry in the end, most likely.

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Im all for saving money, but IMHO, why would one buy CD-Rs to store data on - it's a one time thing!

Here is what I have. However, I didn't get it for that price though. BestBuy was running a special with a $50 Rebate. I would much rather have storage media I can use to add and subtract data from, than CD-Rs. That BusLink has been used to back up my computers, transfer 100MB+ files across the my network, and I even use it for some client's computers. They have files that need temporary storage? No problem!

Don't let the initial cost deter you. It's been one of the best investments I've ever made, seriously.

Again, this is just my opinion, and in the end, it's your money. ;)

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For some people CD-R's are the way to go. It really depends on the type of information you are saving too. For me the best way to go would be CD-R's as the info I have I will never get rid of but if *hint warbird HINT!!!!!!!* I were lucky enough to get a burner I would free up a lot of Hard Drive space.

Stout Hearts


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Alot depends on budget also, and I recommended the way I did, because from his post, he is looking to spend as little as possible if he was looking at used HDD's.

CD-R's are cheap and reliable and easy to transport. And can be read on any PC by any burner.

Some CD-RW's cant, and some of these new portable drives arent easy to hook up to older PC's if it can even be done.

For me the recommendation comes down to what they want to spend, and from his post, it looks like not alot, and practicality. ANd you dont have to load drivers like you do with some of the portable devices when you hook it up to a different PC.

There are lots of factors to consider.

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Thanks for all of the suggestions.

Here is the thing .... I really want to store Ghost images. I imaged my HDD and there are 5 files totaling almost 9GB. The files are about 2 GB a piece. Does anyone know if there is a setting within Ghost that will split the files to 650MB?

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@ Phantm,

Well, I have to admit I understand where you are coming from. I still have my opinions, but we won't let them take over, eh? ;)

@ BigT,

I concur with Phantm's advice about used HDDs. You may get yourself a component that is being sold for a reason... :nono: CD-Rs will do just fine. I only suggested an external HDD, because I know how useful they can be in certain instances.

If you want to go with a HDD, perhaps look at an internal. You can get a 30GB for around $50 now.

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@Dark Ranger

I have alot of respect for your opinions. You are very knowledgeable, and I have learned alot from you. Your opinions are good ones. But you are experienced, and are very comfortable with what you are doing.

As Im sure you have heard me say before, I am very practical with my advice, and I tend to lean toward the practical more often than not, depending on how I read the person from their post.

I do alot of things myself the way you do them. But when working with people who are newbies or just learning, or people who are on a tight budget which happens alot in this industry because most things are so expensive, I lean toward easy and practical, and the inexpensive.

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