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Trafic Colombia By Tof

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Author: Tof : christoff@libertysurf.fr

Filesize: 55 MB




English Patch



Required: Ghost Recon, Desert Siege, Island Thunder, Patch 1.4

Reviewed by STALKER


This Mod from Tof contains a brand new map with a mission, 3 new weapons and some new skins for the enemies.

The mission is also playable in Coop too, but the scripter missed it to add the zones that are required to play this map in multiplayer or singleplayer with different game types.


The 3 new weapons are the FAMAS .223, the Desert Eagle.50 and the LesBears Sniper Rifle (semi auto) .


All 3 gunmodels have some details and look pretty good, especially the FAMAS.


The textures on the weapons aren?t so good. It seems that it is faded and a little bit blurred. The texture on the Les Bears Sniper Rifle is better than the others.


The FAMAS has got a new reticule which looks really good. Not so big, but tiny and unspectacular: that makes it good.


The are new sounds for the FAMAS and the Desert Eagle which are quite good. What I didn?t understand: There are new sounds for the Les Bears Sniper Rifle in the mod folder but in the game the sniper rifle uses standard GR sounds. Maybe the auto forgot to use it?.

Weapon Stats

The only issue I was able to see, is that the Desert Eagle has a high kill energy. Hostiles are dead after one shot in the leg.



The map contains a swampy jungle terrain, a little village, some hills, a little church, a good looking cellar (tunnel), a little mooring, a bridge, big rocks and a long street. The village is in the middle of the map and is surrounded with a fence.

A small river with many brachiations is winding through the whole map. There are also a lot of trees where lianas are hanging down.


Tof didn?t forget this part of mapmaking. Indoor areas like the rooms in the village, the cellar or the tunnel are dark. Without a NV Scope you won?t see very well. The outdoor areas are brighten up pretty good.


I think most of the textures are from Red Storm like the texture for the fence or the texture for the houses. But there are also some new which are really good and have lots of details. The textures give you a lot of ?jungle feeling?. The only thing which attracted attention is the ground texture. It?s nearly the same everywhere.


The models in this map are fantastic: the mooring, the cellar, ok, let?s say the whole map. All is very well done.

The little details on this map like the cola cans in the houses, the great grass on the fields or the river impressed me a lot. Outstanding work are all the bushes and plants on the map. The only issue I was able to find: the AI get stuck on the bridge while crossing. I looked at the command mpa in IGOR and noticed that one side of the bridge is tagged as wall.



We have been told that a group of dealers is about to deliver a big stock of narcotics. Thus you have to prevent the dealing by neutralizing the truck. Take advantage of this to destroy the stock. We also know that two inhabitants of the village who are hostile to the dealers have been made prisonners. Therefore it is necessary to free them and to secure the village in order to evacuate them by helicopter.

The briefing also includes a french speaker. (uhh, my french sucks)


1 . To neutralize the truck

2 . To destroy the stock of narcotics

3 . To secure the village and post-guard

4 . To evacuate the hostages

It doesn?t matter in which order you are going to complete the objectives but I prefer to secure area first and then make the demo and rescue job.


The scripting is very well done. The mission starts with a cinematic and there is a non cinematic heli extract for the hostages. There are also some good trigger plans and music when you are entering one of the houses. I also noticed some ?river patrol boats? in the mission.

I wasn?t able to look through the script like in all other missions because all coments and names are in french? (see above a description of my french skills, lol).

Singleplayer / Multiplayer Spawn Zones

It is a shame that the author missed it to place all the spawn zones on the map, that make the map playable in other game types too. Such a great map, but only in SP or Coop.


Tof made one of the best maps I have seen. Great map and great mission and great weapons. Nearly everything in this mod is awesome but there are also some bugs that can easily be fixed. My greatest wish is that the author will release a patch which will fix this bugs because the mod is very good.

I haven?t heard anything about Tof before and now I want to see more stuff from this guy. Awesome job!

I give this mod 9.4 / 10 because this is one of the best jungle maps I?ve ever played

Reviewed by STALKER






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Has anyone else had a latency problem with this mod? I am runing a p-4 2.4Ghz with 512 ddr3200 ram & a Voodoo with 64mB on board and it just gets as jumpy as a long tial cat in a rocking chair factory. Also,I wasn't able to get through the 2nd map without my PC dropping back to desktop.

Suggestions ?

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Has anyone else had a latency problem with this mod?

I got a P4 2.4 with an FX5900 Ultra and 512MB DDR400 and I noticed FPS spikes that dropped down to about 30FPS on max detail. Still a great map though. Makes you wonder where this guy has been all this time!

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Has anyone else had a latency problem with this mod?

Same here. :wall: It was just about unplayable for me. >_< I also couldn't get the objective destroy narcotics to work nor could I open one of the doors that had a woman civilian in the room?? Overall very nice map.

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Ok. Before hand thanks to Christoff "tof",for the map :rocky: Merci Beaucoup


1.-Nice skins of the Hostages,Good Job!!

2.-Nice Idea to Put a cave to Hide the Narcotics"Drugs or COCA" the Bardoor open's up. from the river.

3.-Nice Stone Bridge.

4.-Cool new ''Nopales"(Plant of agave for Tequila making) and Yellow flowers.(Amapola,at least look like.)

5.-Nice Bdg.of the church.

"What we find"

1.-Theres a Glitch o ground to fix if u stand in the entrance to go to the "narcotics hide" from the river entrance.bars door.

2.-A little o lag in the Church ,think to many tall grass in there.

3.-Funny He use "Tress ,Grass,Ground,Houses,Fences,Cola cans,Furniture,Even the Boxes of the Radioactive packages are from SOAF,and from the Island Thunder and Ghost Recon,Original game, Textures. :blink: ,from the ''M06 Castle map'' and "C04 Swamp Airfield."

Nice TRY!!!!

We like the map :) ,"but we like Better Corax's Map. :yes: Original!!"


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We like the map :) ,"but we like Better Corax's Map. :yes: Original!!"

What ever happened to Corax's map? I saw something about a beta version then the map was nowhere to be found. :-"

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I just finished the English version, got real close anyway. Awesome map, fun mission, gets a little jumpy towards the end though. Need a patch or something to clean up this otherwise killer mod.

Just out curiousity, what other mods if any are others using with this mission? (Skins, weapons ,etc ,etc) :o=:o


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"Trafic Columbie" was a fantastic map- it worked on every level. The environment, map scripting and "fun" factor make it one that will stay on my hard drive forever. The only minor gripe I can come up with is that my team members would not cross the bridge that leads to the church. That aside, This is one map that can be enjoyed over and over again.

Great job!

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Great Map & Mission ... realy good.

Only problem is that I quick saved about 20 mins into mission and when loading the map fades in with mssing textures, a message pops up saying all team members have been killed!? then bombs out to desktop.

Shame as I was getting well into it at the time.

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where can i download this mod??? :D:huh:

As stated in the first post. :thumbsup:


Author: Tof : christoff@libertysurf.fr

Filesize: 19,6 MB

Download: http://www.fileplanet.com/dl.aspx?/planetr...el/Trafic_C.zip

English Patch: http://www.fileplanet.com/dl.aspx?/planetr...c_c_english.zip

Required: Ghost Recon, Desert Siege, Island Thunder, Patch 1.4

Reviewed by STALKER

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Guest snipe21

Dang I think I have been playing GR too long in the battle field because when I saw that woman and rescued her with those ample lungs I nearly jumped her ;) You modders are getting good and that was some eye candy to what GR has been dishing up :D:D:D Just like to say what an awesome mod and thx for such a great mission.


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There was so much detail on this map that I had to turn down the texture level on the trees to low. The map is just awesome.

Briefing however wasn't very good. I deleted the briefing and the french voice on the briefing screen.

I am also not much on the women actors. Who would be walking around in the rain with almost no clothing? When you would also kill the women actors they would groan like men and die.

Seventy five enemies is also way too many unless you are playing a multiplayer co-op or have some allied soldiers to help.

Other than my above complaints, it was a very good modification. I just love the map though I don't think I can play it in multiplayer. There are just too many textures for multiplayer that would bog it down and make it jumpy most likely.

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