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Freedom Fighters


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Can't wait for this game.


1945: Soviet air force drops the A-bomb on Berlin, ending WWII in Europe.

1953: Britain reluctantly joins the Communist bloc, the last European country to do so.

1961: Despite US protests, midrange nuclear missiles are placed in Cuba.

1976: The Soviet Union sends thousands of military "advisors" to Guatemala and Honduras.

1996: Mexican Communist party celebrates disputed victory in presidential election.

2001: Foiled assassination attempt on the US president--an unnamed foreign power is implicated.

The Game Freedom Fighters is based on an epic story, set in a fiction where the turn of the Worlds history is changed. The US struggle to build the A-Bomb before Germany, also known as The Manhattan Project, is violently set back by the assassination of some of the leading scientists of the project. The assumption that the Germans conducted the attack proves to be wrong. A year after 6th of June 1944, the D-day, Soviet forces do drop The Bomb on Berlin, changing the balance of power for decades to come.


* Turn-based strategy element enables players to pick their own mission, each with a multitude of strategies and different outcomes.

* Intense, in-your-face urban guerilla warfare scenarios ranging from small sabotage missions to large battles where the player has to conquer enemy installations.

* Charisma-based Recruiting System that gives players points for rescuing prisoners or capturing key installations. Points are also taken away if fellow freedom fighters are sent into battle and killed.

*Recruit allies on the go.Help the wounded enemy to gain their trust and

their support.

* Variety of weapons including AK47s, RPGs, SVDs, Molotov Cocktails and many more

* Enhanced rendering technology via Io Interactive's "Glacier" engine that lends to amazing 3D special effects such as real-time lighting, rain, snow, smoke and explosions.

*Rag doll physics

* Rich environmental audio such as shouting when in battle, barking out commands and music setting the pace and mood of the gameplay action.

* Multiplayer support

Freedom Fighters is made by Io (Hitman series) and EA Games.

Release date 9/16/03

Systems: Gamecube,Playstation2,Xbox,PC

Freedom Fighters trailer 8.7mb

Freedom Fighters gameplay movie 8.8mb

Freedom Fighters demo FilePlanet link 75.3mb

Freedom Fighters demo EA download link 75.3mb

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Ahh the reviews are coming out.


They gave it a 9.3

Freedom Fighters, the new game from the developers of last year's great Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, deftly avoids the many pitfalls of AI squad tactics, and this, combined with great control, mission design, and presentation, makes for a truly fantastic game.

Games Web Ok its in German so your gonna want to use Babelfish to translate. They gave it a 82%

Metacritic They gave it a 82 also-but if you scroll down the page there are other reviews from different places.

Special Reserve ok ok there wasn't a review there but I just like the hints beating the game posted by Sandy Troupe. :lol:

Freedom Fighters is looking like its going to be a real fun 3rd person shooter.Definitly a must rent. :rocky:

Oh and Io & EA if your reading this, Private Message me and I'll give you the address to send the check and free game too.


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Reserved the game and picked it up the second day it came out.

(damn store never called <_< )

*Tip:ALWAYS shoot the cars or barrels.Even if you gotta stay crouched behind a object while all kinds of reds are advancing, if you time it right, you can kill them all with one car or a well placed grenade to a car. Dont forget, it works both ways!*

Freedom Fighters is a pretty fun game, kinda slow at the start but once you get going its a blast. Don't bother aiming because more often then not, it will get you killed. Just run and gun and gun and gun and blow something up and gun some more and maybe finish off by some more gunning.

I tell ya, after wasting a army of commies there is nothing more satisfying then taking down their flag and raising old glory.

*Tip:Spraying and praying pays off more then aiming......so there MUST be a god.* :lol:

Freedom Fighters starts off slow and starts to pick up after the first few levels. The AI on both sides do their damnedest to get you (play it on hardest difficulty- yeah they shoot RPGs at you) at times you AI can be stupid, for instance my group of fighters ran in the middle of the street and were run over by a slow moving APC another time they crowded in front of a pill box and were mowed down. Other times they display true skill, my fighters ran down a hall in line and cleared a room a swat team would be proud of. Another time they waited for a group of red to run into the middle of the courtyard before toasting them in the impromptu killzone.

The AI on both sides will take fire, take cover and advance all on their own, they even see grenades then run and dive.

*Tip:kill the soviets with the red berets, they are the field commanders, without them the grunts just run around like idiots- easy pickins'*

The rag dolls physics add some needed hilarity, although it coul get you killed. I tossed a frag over a bunker and when it blew up I hear a red scream and see him go flying through the air kicking and screaming, he slams into a wall and lands on a dumpster backwards so he looks broken in half, then falls to the ground and slumps over. Of course as I am watching this, a commie b@st1g3 tosses a frag at me and blows me up and I go flying too. WEE!!!

Tip:AK is best weapon overall plus its ammo is abundant*

Single player is the best feature. Multiplayer looks as if it was just thrown in so that players wouldnt feel like the game was unfinished. The MP is the most disappointing part IMO. There are only 3 levels to play and they are all raise the flag. .Both players can controls up to about 8-10 AI each by holding a bunker, also you can lead your AI into battle or make them hold a area so you can run off and get the flag. It seems fun at first, but when you start getting rushed by you friend using soviets with AK's while you have only a shotgun and crappy revolver, gets pretty annoying...pretty fast.

*Tip:If you think smacking a red with your wrench is quite, get outta here. They will hear it since the soldiers always scream. However, they dont hear you when you are crouching and walking.Get as close as possible then toss a molotov, then let you AK rip or better yet, pistol.*

Overall the game is a good buy but a definate rent --

(I say rent because I beat it in two days on Freedom Fighter) :huh:

Sadly the game is short but gets really fun towards the end (hate when its hard at begining,fun at the end- should be other way around).

*Tip:Only the RPG will down the Hinds, nothing else works on them. Make sure every shot counts!*

*Played on console-PS2*

My ratings;

Gameplay:10 for SP 6.5 for MP

Graphics: 9.5

Sound: 9 (would been a 9.5 but the same song gets redundant)

Replayability: 9.5 (you can go different ways with different results ;) )

Overall; 9.5

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