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"the person above you" thread

Major Maximum

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Is a VERY dangerous operative that leads a team of commando cats.

Commando Cats

Beware, once you watch this, it means that you have seen the evidence and now you must be terminated. Ledanek's Cats in Black tried to take me out last night, but I evaded their grasp. :zorro: You have been warned. :ph34r:

Ledanek's original post.

Does the word "Treason" mean anything to you.

Disclaimer: I'm not one to treathen anyone, specially in cyberspace, but anyone who would release personal information and place me or my operatives in harms way, is just asking for a rendition.

I am serious

This will probably really get me into trouble, but since I am on the run anyway, I will reveal the evidence for all to see.

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