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Stalker V1-Operation: Desperate Cry


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thanks SZ :)

the next specialists will be another SAS operator (murmel is making the chr model right now..) and a KSK Sniper who will replace the female specialist (balancing reasons)

after that I'm going to show you the finished standard soldiers :rocky:

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Stalker, i hear that H&K developed the G36 line of weaponry. Also the MP7, any chance you could slip in the MP7 as a secondary weapon rather then a pistol? I read the H&K website and military/police units are probably already ordering the gun. Just a question.

Damn thing can shoot through 20 layers of kevlar @ 200meters and fires 950 rounds per minute. :rolleyes:

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I've had to wiz through this thread but stalker, when do you intend to release this baby?

specialists are nearly finished.

then I have to make some improvements on the standard soldier skins, makin some kits and icons

and mission scripting

I can't say when it's finished, it all depends on how the real life kicks my butt... :blink:

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so the next specialist is finished:

this time a KSK sniper. it will replace the other sniper specialist I posted before. I will remove that pics.

his weapon is a H&K SL9SD, it comes with different camo types.

the character model (look at that ghillie!!) is done by Chems :thumbsup:

and the skin is done by me.

Note: the first pic is brightened up in photoshop (+50 this time)



try to find the sniper (click the thumbnail):


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I found him too, foliage not dense enough to hide him there. But in a game, when your moving around that model is very hard to see. I have on occasion when play testing the brit mod been insterted and then unable to find the snipers on my team with out looking at the command map, and they have been standing up.

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thx for comments!!


today I made much progress and now you can see the next specialist.

A guy from the Infantry. His weapon is a HK21.

Character skin by me.

first pic is brightened up (+25)



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I would like to hear German voices for the mod

I second that...and don't worry about will people understand it or not, aim for realism. Jack 57 made his Cubans speak spanish, so.... ;)

but then also the aussi and brit specialists will speak german... :whistle:

ok, I will add german voices!!!

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top: 1st from left

sorry... can't find anything... :(

top: 2nd from left


for proficiency..

top: 3rd from left:

Ehrenkreuz der Bundeswehr in Gold

you will get it when you served in the army for at least 20 years or when you have made excellent achievement in combat.

top: 4th from left


for the deployment in .... war-zone

top: 5th from left:


you will get it for good teamwork and good achievement in combat

top: 6th from left


base is special training and experience in combat

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