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Storm And Sart (SnS)


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I'll start off by saying this, alot of crazy crazy stuff has happend when me and Storm play GR alone, no one is ever around to see it though. But today... today somthing happend that I nor Storm has ever seen since GR came out.

The bad guys took Storm prisoner.

Now I know what saying... "What? Impossible, the bad guys in GR don't take prisoners"

Well your wrong, I didnt belive it at first either, but it happend.

We were playing a mission, and doing great, but after some long firefights, Storm ran out of ammo, and I was killed. I quickly respawned in and started running to his position, but I did not make it in time....

The baddies beat me to Storm...... as we both sat there waiting to hear the crack of an AK-47..... we heard nothing...

The bad guys surrounded Storm and pointed there guns at him, but did not shoot, they just stood there and looked right at him.

Please remember that Storm...

A.) Did not have any ammo or frags.

B.) Was not in cover, he was right in the open.


As you can see, it is indeed Storm, and he is indeed out of ammo, but the baddies are not shooting...


As more and more baddies surround him, we are both stunned at the fact that they are not shooting, even though, like I said before, he had no cover and was not hidden.


Proof that the enemy does see him..... a bad guy looks Storm right in the face and points his AK-74...

So the enemy has Storm. We both finnaly stopped laughing after about 10 min, and I snuck into a nice sniper spot with my M16..



...... We is the winners.....

So the thing is that we both think that if the player has no more ammo what so ever, and no explosives, that the enemy will not shoot... strange eh?

You try and figure it out.. ;)

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That was one of the strangest things I've seen since I started playing this game :blink:

I stopped and hit the floor, emptied all my remaining rounds into a patrol, and then sat and watched as about 8 guys legged it towards me...................they came right up, pointed their guns, and then..........nothing.................... :huh:

*Oh yeah, thanks for the rescue Sart.......those guys were starting to jab me with those AK's*........... :ph34r:

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nteresting ....

What I find amazing is not that they took Storm prisoner, but that Sart managed to take the enemy out whilst leaving Storm fit to fight another day. Good shooting tex!

EDIT: Check rule 3:24, No making fun of Sart...


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Well after trying to replicate Sarts experience unsucessfully, I finally had it happen to me accidentally in the 8 Days Refinery mission. This was an hour ago on the GR.net server so if you are recording games it's there.

I was trying to rescue the hostages inside the two Refinery bldgs, when I had to use my last round on a Skinny. His buddy advanced on me until we met. Some say they can't see you if you lie still but this is not true as I found out.

I decided that since they don't see me as a threat , to see if I would be allowed to walk away from them. I did--in fact I was able to walk right through the guards and rescue all four hostages and take them to extraction.

Objective Complete! :ph34r:

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I read the TG post so I can understand more of this.

I want to say catagorically that the enemy AI is not taking you prisoner, but rather totally unaware of you since you are not a threat.

I literally tried to get to get them to shoot me after rescuing the hostages, to see about this. I walked all over the map and bumped into tangos, trying to trigger them to strike--nothing! :ph34r:

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