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Missions in Corsica


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Hey guys,

I'm working on a mission mod for my Stealth Recon mod. I've just started mission modding, so it will be a while before I can get it finished....are there any mission modding FAQ's anywhere?

Right, now about the mod:-

The mod is set in present day Corsica. Those of you that don't know, Corsica has bad terrorist problems. The terrorists like go to a bank and say "if you don't want us to bomb your bank, pay us X amount of money" etc. The terrorist organisation is called "FLNC" (Front de Liberation National de la Corse). The FLNC want Corsica to be independent, and the target French industries and French people on Corsica. The French sent troops over there a few years back, but the troops did not find the terrorists. The FLNC are renowned for their secret hiding places.

In the mod you go to Corsica to stop the terrorists and to rescue the Ghosts. (in the mod the Ghosts went over there previousely to try to stop terrorists and were unsuccessful). There will be alot of "unforseen consequences" in the missions. For example, you rescue the Ghosts in one mission and a chopper comes to extract you but it gets shot down. So on the next mission you get inserted to an area by boat. You then have to find a pilot, steal a chopper, and return to the previous mission to extract the Ghosts!

I will prolly be using maps like Embassy, Farm, Docks etc. In the mission on the Embassy map, the FLNC bomb the bank....there will be quite a few missions.

If you guys got any ideas, post 'em here. Any of you want to help me out with making the missions (as I'm new at mission modding) just PM me.

So far the mission mod has no name, but I was thinking I could call it "Operation: Nightmare" or something.

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-[NCM]-.:Anightmare:.Yes theres a Tutorial for MISSIONS,the one "EL OSO"very kindly post and the UBI advanced Tutorial, ones u find here in the site.Check at the bottom of page in NEW ARCHIVES,and go to 2002,November

scroll down and u will find"Advanced IGOR Guide"Friday November 22" Spans over 160 pages.



P.D.How many MIssons for the Campaign were talkin about ?

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Ok, Slink here's some of my mission ideas.

Mission 1: On the "Docks" map. Daytime.

Objectives: A Blackhawk has just been shot down by the FLNC. The chopper was carrying some guys from Stealth Recon. You have been inserted by boat.

One of the objectives will be to find the pilot. You are expecting the FLNC to show up but they do. They ambush you.

etc. Still want me to send you the outline of the missions Slink? I may have some one else interested in doin the mission, but everone is welcome to help.

I have started making my own dialog samples too.

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- .:Nightmare:.,Jan 27 2003, 01:27 AM] etc. Still want me to send you the outline of the missions Slink?

Go for it.

I'll use the Ossetian guys then you can change them if you want new enemies as I send 'em to you. Ok?

By the way do you want me to send you a mission that I've made? Just to see if I'll do the idea justice?

Come to think of it it *also* has an unforseen consquence. :D

I like the name but it might offend some people if you bring religion into it.

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