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MSN Messenger 6 is just a newer version of the "regular" MSN Messenger (or Windows Messenger for XP) app.

It adds new functionality to your existing Passport-enabled email address (such as a Hotmail account).

Thus, if you have a Hotmail account, you already have an MSN chat account. You just need to plug in your vitals and go. :thumbsup:

If you want to use AIM/ICQ as well as MSN, you'll either need to run clients for all three separately, or use a meta-messenger like Trillian or Jabber.

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Just a note about Trillian since I have used that program once. If you use it you will not be using MSN 6. Instead you will actually use Trillian to log into the MSN servers. With Trillian you will have your own set of emoticons some of which MSN users will be able to see as what they are. As far as Jabber goes I have never used that so I no nothing about it. And since I don't use AIM or ICQ I can't tell you how it functions with Trillian. I hope that this does shed at least a little bit of light on the subject.

Stout Hearts


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