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Scroll down to where it says Patch Availability.

Click on Windows XP 32 Bit. (Since you have XP Home/Prof, cant remember.) On the right of the screen click download. If you still need help, MSN me and Ill send it to you.

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Found a removal tool here

Trying it now.


It got complicated because when the tool came across the file during its trawl of my HD, my AV proggie immediately kicked it and warned that I had the msblast virus.

When the tool stopped, I went to the sys32 folder, and the mblast.exe was still there, but because the tool had disabled it, I was able to delete it manaully.

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Just for future reference, anytime you need to DL and use a tool like this, turn off your AV while using it, and anytime you have to do work in the Windows folder or any of the system folders, also turn off AV, as it usually closely guards system files.

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this was happening to me and luckily i had a friend to call and he looked online and found it in a forum. i run xp 32 bit and he gave me this link. although it took a couple of times because it kept shutting down while i tried, once i did it all was ok. i didn't delete any blast file or anything that i read up above but maybe i should look into that.


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Some weasels have taken it upon themselves to make popup ads that have the shutdown window in them. For only a one-time payment of 30 dollars, they will sell you the cure!

What's more, these adds cover the whole screen, and there's no way to get rid of them.

edit - sorry, wasn't thinking.

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