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Force Recon Mod


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Omg my mother has it 2! .. actually i dont  iv never found the skin either. Im sad.
you should be, maybe this will make u happy, go to the colt.com site, check military, then media, u will find rather large images of the colt military weapons, both sides. my mother has em too.
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uh huh and the m60e3 and the law rocket and the m21 and the m4/203
no not really, you read like i'm being a smart a*, i'm not trying to be, i am making a simple stement. i dont mean really that m4, i mean that texture, it's floating around everywhere. great texture it is, i just dont like the stock. whats the poly count on the m4? looks good.
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Looks awesome, as with the rest of the models. The MP5 is my favourite.

But the M16 has an RIS upper and detachable carrying handle, so it's not a standard A2. But Force Recon isn't standard either ;)

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