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Broadband Services in UK

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Unfortunately due to an imminent move of flat...of about a mile...I need to switch providers. Currently on NTL 600k but need to ditch as no cable on street Im going to. (dang)

So..I need advice from UK users on whats what. Would rather avoid BT directly...as nae customer service...apart from everything else. WHat are the options...I fancy Tiscali from looking at it...

Any advice on which service to go for - obviously using a BT line however..?

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Yeah, well I've had Broadband direct from BT now for 3 months and no complaints. I did however, buy my own router modem and filters and install.

Typical d/l is around 55Kbps but I have been up tp 72kbps!! only one significant service outage when a major router went out in the Midlands in the first week.

M. ;)

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