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For the record, Xbox GR does NOT have 4 player split screen. It's 2 player only for offline play, or single player for link/Live play.

I've never tried the actual gameplay on the Xbox though.

EDIT: I still want to pick up the Xbox version though. I love the game enought that two years of laddering in the PC version has not burned me out yet. ;)

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I have played the X-Box version, although not for a great amount of time, but enough to get a feel of what it was like compared to the PC version.

The graphics in GR was running very nicely on an X-Box, it's equivilant to a pretty good spec PC imo.

I am not an anti keypad person myself, but I must admit, I don't like shooting games on consoles, so if you can get a compatible keyboard for it I would recommend purchasing one!

The game does appear to be slightly different than the PC mind, not in a massive way, but if you are a GR PC player like me, then you may think "hmm nasty" well I did!!

But if all you have is an X-Box then buy it, a couple of friends I know who have played it for seriously long hours have all enjoyed it.

Happy Playing!!


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Its pretty fun on xbox live. Local Lan MP sucks as you can have multiple boxes linked up but will only work with one per box. Me and my buddies were pretty bummed at our lan party when we found this out. Pretty much same game even tough controls on the console take a bit getting used to. GD i wish that new xbox keyboard worked, as well as a mouse.

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