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u want i think it would be kool to include a pic of u at the desk!!!
Well, there are already dozens of photos of me around the 'net (*hint* The D-Spot - scroll down a bit), but I don't think I've ever had a good one of me sitting by my desk - not counting those webcam shots with crappy angles..

Rocky what box is that to the right of the GR box?
Rainbow Six Collector's Edition
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hey daywander that tower is sweet.
Thanks :) That CoolerMaster aluminium FullTower was by far the most expensive part of the upgrade at roughly $300..

also what Xbox games do you have in that stack?
Silent Hill 2, Halo, Splinter Cell, MechAssault and Buffy The Vampire Slayer :P Now I'm saving up for the European release of Steel Batallion, a GameCube, a GameBoy Advance SP and half a dozen PC games coming out during the next few months - hence my low amount of XBox games. A majority of the console games (regardless of platform) just don't appeal to me, but there are a few golden nuggets that make the consoles worth having. Now I have Metal Gear Solid 2 and Halo. Time to grab Metroid Prime and Super Mario Sunshine.. Then.. I'll have all the power IN THE UNIVERSE!

Or maybe not.

Good thing I have a lot of money thanks to the glorious Christmas celebration, so I've got my immediate PC expenses (Unreal II, Splinter Cell, Raven Shield) covered, at least.

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Yea Joe but It's home :P

Sounds like mine minus the ashtray, cigs and the JD tho

Stuff lying everywhere. Really should clean up, but hey, I KNOW where everything is.

Its in here somewhere <_<

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When I come back from hols, I'll post mine...

cheap argos computer desk, full ashtray, empty fag packets, empty cans of booze, nearly empty bottle of Jack Daniels, scraps of paper...

basically...a total bombsite...


Yeah. Sounds like mine. Except replace the JD bottle with Remy Martin bottles. But empty ashtray: check, empty cigarette packs: check, papers: check, empty beer bottles: check.

@Sybarite: that's very nice...very...corporate looking.


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Aye, I can edit even Rocky's post - bwahah :rolleyes: He's specifically forbidden me to do so, but it seemed okay in this particular case, seeing as he hinted at me removing the link if I didn't like it..

In case some people missed it, that really isn't me in that .wav, though it's not a bad impersonation. This one was made by an old AGR-S.com regular, a shady guy known as 'Gitfinger'. Not sure where he is now, he kinda disappeared at one point or another.. He recorded that .wav 'in reply' to a similar one I made myself.

I've had loads of fun with microphones over the years.. If I still had the original sound file, I'd post it. Rocky..?

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That's it... Syb, XS and Rocky all have the collest places. Hands down, bar none.

:o Wow...

Mine is a mess... still. Err, maybe I shouldn't admit that.

Anyway, this one is fairly new, but not as pretty as Syb's... arggg... And I feel like a rat in a cage in this dinky little room it's in.

Btw, @Mr.s XS... I see he has those cool little two handed flight control thingies. :) (whatever they are.. I play with em in Best Buy) anyway, just wondering how they work out for him.

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Haha..I knew this topic was here and not on the old forums...I am gonna ressurect it instead of a new thread. Or maybe this could be cleaned up and pinned if more people show interest..

Anyways here is MY Setup. Though it looks a little messier at the moment ( never mind the paraphernalia :devil: ).

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