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Dark Sniper

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I dont think there are alot of cheaters, but there are times where you go HMMM.

I have only had about 2-3 bad experiences out of a few dozen online games. My lil bro has had games where about 6-7 battle cruisers appear out of no where and utterly obliterate his base in the first few minutes.

I do know however that you can hot key commands so that all you would have to do is press Ctrl+S to tell a SCV/drone build a supply depot or etc.

Man I could go for some Zerg vs Protoss hand to hand battling right now.

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hey guys sorry for the delay in posting. have another site to keep up with. anyway.

i do not think that they are much of any cheaters on StarCraft. you just have to master the art of getting what you need at a specific time. you also need to figure out what to use against your enemies and figure out how to get those units the quickest. for me it is really not a big issue on how fast i get things i usually play NR(no rush) which gives me lots of time to get what i need and go totally balistic on the enemy.

for me i usually go with Zerg for there mass in unit building. I usually use hydras to creme any opponent. 150 fully upgraded hydras is a real hard thing to coop with. they are fun to sick on little noobs. they are like OH NO!!!!! then they like say how good they should have done and stuff but that is not the point.

but one thing you will really get annoyed at is the fact that when people are losing and they don't want it to show up on their record they start to lag out or in most cases they just leave.

but all in all StarCraft is a really good game.

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Speaking of Star Craft.

I reinstalled it and Brrod Wars the other day and man oh man I'm loving it.

I'm gonna try my hand at MP again and get my ###### whooped since I suck at it now.


Just don't expect to see me on Star Craft, I can play Brood War only for some reason. <_<

Time to use the spider mines, no body ever expects the spider mines.


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My tactic. 200 billion protoss photon cannons in a ring around my base. Nothing gets in. It's the hermit approach. In multiplayer, the other people would usually just give up and leave giving me the victory. Mhuhahahaha. Or they might take me out but still, it was fun. The nasty messages they would send...... hehehe. ;)

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Ugh I was playing earlier and saw someone do that.

Some guys whole entire force of Terran got obliterated by those damn things.

About 50-60 Marines/Firebats/Medics,10 Siege tanks and a few Goliaths. They punched about a hole about 5-7 deep.

What I did was build the biggest Zergling group I have ever had online with a few Hydras and Mutas, and charge the SOB.

Oh the horrors :no:

A few of my zerglings got through but he had his Protoss force waiting for them.

The horror :(

Man I love Star Craft :thumbsup:

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If ye scurvy sea dogs knew what was good for ya' ye would be answerin' Me questions.

Don't suppose anyone knows how to take screenshots of Star Craft during the game?

I have a screenshot program and I use Print screen and all I get are black screens when I got to look at them.

Yarrr pirate.gif

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WARNING- Lotta Gore

Got caught up in the ''pirate moment''.

Nope no keys to take screen shots.


Nevermind, I just went into the starcraft folder and found'em.

I'll post my nuke attack as soon as I can get it onto hostmysigs.com


Press Print Screen to take a SS.

The Following pic is from SP using the PwrOv PW. :P


Ugh you can count the amount of Terrans and Zerg if you want.

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You press Print Screen to take the picture.

Then goto, C:\Program Files\StarCraft. You will see some PCX file types. Those are the screenshot/s you took.

Just convert them into Jpegs or Bitmaps or whatever.

Btw, last night I finally got to nuke someone online. Oh boy now that was fun. :D I used a few Terrans and a Goliath to distract the person while I slipped one of my ghosts in undeteced.

Rain of death


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