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XRW_MOUT - will have 15 buildings will about 60 rooms for close quarters combat as its primary intention for the map. The city is small enough for CQC but the map is larg enough (200 x 200 meters) for sniper play or good 'ole fashioned hunting.

Once this map has been given the final seal of approval, then all thats left to do is to put the MP characters in, and add the guns.

And as a quick overview of what will be contained:

52 Multi-Player characters

3 custom maps (might goto 2 for file size)

3 winterized Ghost Recon Maps

about 200 Multi-Player weapon kits (kits, not weapons. more like 35 new weapons)

Interactive "Read-me" that will allow the user to set their own preference of tracer color, objective smoke color, and reticle pattern.

And grid overlays

Estimated size 180 megs

Ladies and Gentlemen we're looking at 3, maybe 4 weeks for release.

this mod has been in the works by members of XRW including drunkbob for a long while now but is near completion.
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