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fav mission

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I liked the Polling Center from IT...starting in close quarters, knowing that the second you step out the door people are going to try and gun you down...reminds me of the final scene of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

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Lately, because we have been practicing for the Alpha Squad Tourney :wacko: , it's been M12-Ivory Horn, the GR stock mission. Do it on Elite. You should be able to do it completely, without any enemy getting off a shot, and killing only those enemy that you can't sneak around. Try it!

*hint..... don't drop the demo on the western docked sub pen (51) until you are on your way to Extraction! :thumbsup:

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Probably M08 - Zebra Straw. This one seems to portray what a war would be like to me (Well as close as it can get) :)

Same here. Definitely not my fave (specially for the first time..). But the atmosphere; rain, craters, tanks blown away by attillery.

That mission rocks.

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yeah M03 that was my fav too. I think it was the map, it was cool. Specially if you split up into 3 teams of 2. Once you do the patrols put a team at each end of the bridge, then the last team in the middle and prepare for a massive fight! :o=

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Hmm... I have to give my top 3... :rolleyes:

1) Mission 2 from GR. Eager Smoke I believe it's called. It's the night time hostage rescue.

2) Mission 1 from GR. The caves... I wish we had more maps like that... almost pure woodland. I like being able to actually approach the objective instead of inserting right next to it.

3) Mission 8 from IT. When you have to secure priego. Weather is great and the it's fun to go and take out the helo so he has no place to run to.


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i enjoy the m05-gold mountain mission. probably cuz it takes place on only map i play most of the time, guess i need to try some others. but i too like the mission for cienfuegos(polling center), alot of running back and forth in that one for me.

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Original Campaign:

- Mission 2 =Eager Smoke=

- Mission 3 =Stone Bell=

- Mission 6 =Witch Hunt=

- Mission 14 =Willow Bow=

Desert Seige Campaign:

- Mission 1 =Beach Ball=

- Mission 5 =Can't Remember=

Island Thunder Campaign:

- Mission 5 =Rapid Python=

Monolith's Gangland

- All Missions! Number 1 the best though

12-Weeks Campaign

- All Missions!

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Altough i consider M08- Zebra Straw the best mission made id like to play over and over again:

GR 04 - Black Needle; plain shooting

DS 01 - Beach Ball; again the plain shooting.

DS 04 - Quiet Angel; Guard your people

I dont like blow things up. All the hassle with that demo and AT equipment (Not enough demo-chargers/AT to compleet the mission)

Im really into the SAR and guard the convoy missions. Help your friends and get sick when they got shot. (Oh well ambushing enemy convoy could be fun too). Too bad there arent that much missions on IT.


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