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Im kinda new to video editing and photo editing. Most of my background is in OS's, networking, and PC's.

Can someone tell me if there is a freeware app out there or a fairly cheap one that will allow mo to split AVI files into smaller pieces, and also just take excerpts from .avi's and .mpeg's?

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Crap...I searched my external HDD and couldn't find the one I used to use. It was called Vid something it was completly free. I will try and search for it again cause it rocked and I know I will need it sometime again. Premiere is pretty cool though too $$$ :D

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Everyone, thank you for your help. I really appreciate it.

Nightcrawler, thank you very much. Id very much appreciate the links. No apology necessary. Your helping me out.

Xian Saint, thanks for the tip. I didnt even know that was there. Of course I would, if I wasnt all the time piicking the OS's apart, but instead using what else might be there. heh.

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This is THE site for getting it all together.

1) always work with a COPY of your video file. If you

eff it up, you want to be able to get the original

back and start over.

2) I use Virtualdub, TMPEGenc, and WinDVD4; as well as

Radtools, Divx Pro, and some shareware tha came with

the Dazzle device.

3)MPEG-1 is a vcd, MPEG-2 is SVCD or DVD, and MPEG 4

is the latest standard, used by Windows media player,

quicktime 6, and DIVX 5 or higher. They are not all

cross compatible.

4) IF you use TMPEGenc, make sure to get the quicktime

reader plugin, and install the latest free version of

Quicktime. This will allow you to convert QWuicktime

files to other formats, for burning to vcds, etc.

5)I use Nero 5; I cannot comment on anything else. I

paid the $15 for the MPEG2 codec. It was worth every


This is the e-mail he just sent me, hope it helps.

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