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R02 Industrial by Rawker

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R02 Industrial by Rawker


File size: 16.5mb

Required: Ghost Recon and Desert Siege


This is a map mod made mainly for multiplayer but you can play missions on it. It depicts and warehouse type place complete with train tracks and cranes and piles of rubble lying around. The map has loads of little hidey holes and the added secret place. Make sure that you explore this map fully cause there is loads of cool things to find and do. This map also comes in night and day so you can play it which ever way you like. At night people popping up from behind tables to kill you is very hard to avoid!

The Layout

As I said this map is designed for multiplayer so its got lots of tunnels and buildings with towers that you can get up into and sniper across the map. Rawker has done some deep thinking in to what makes a good MP map. He?s made it so that you will probably run in to enemy round every turn.


The thing that impressed me the most was the amount of work put into this map, I think that a lot of the textures were from RSE but then again a lot of them were new and very good. No fuzzy blurs or anything of the kind. But the main thing to mention is that this has a night and day version. Rawker has redone the textures for night so that deserves a mention. There are new textures for things like power transformers and doors, and even telegraph poles. The ground textures is spot on as well with a detailed floor texture as well as shadows and vehicle tracks leading from warehouse to warehouse. The textures really make this mod and make you feel like you really are in a run down industrial estate. Corrugated iron makes up the walls of the tunnels that adds nice effect.


A lot of mappers sometimes just leave this bit out but not Rawker, he?s paid close attention to detail and indoor areas are dark and gloomy and outdoors is bright, except for at night of course. The lighting inside is worth a mention because there are places were with out night vision you may find it very hard to see a couched enemy. One of the best bits of lighting is in secret place which is a nightclub type place. In the corner is a TV which gives off light and over the dance floor a red light which adds a good nightclub atmosphere.


The modelling is this map is outstanding with the tunnels and heaps of rubbish lying around. The night club deserves a mention because it has these cages modelled which you can run up and into. Also in the night club is a TV which has a picture on the screen, when you shoot it the TV screen breaks and the picture with it. I was impressed by this touch. RSE did have this in Desert Siege and to see a modder re-produce it is impressive. Rawker obviously like his detail because he?s taken the time even to model the toilets. There a few trees on the map and cliff faces which shows Rawker can make organic things to. There is no fault to be found with modelling as it is very good.


The sounds in this mod are the normal RSE ones which work well because Rawker has tagged all the surfaces in max so your footsteps can be heard below if your running down on of the metal over walks. In IGOR the sound zones have all been created including wind when your high up and bug noises when your outside at night. Once again attention to detail by Rawker. You can also hear the sounds of water when your near a generator, lots of flys sounds when your near rubbish piles as well. This map also includes a water fall which has proper sounds as well. And of course the cool sound track that starts when you get in the nightclub!


Rawker didn?t actually include any missions but Hantrnox has included a defend type mission were you have to kill the warlord which as you?d expect from him is very good and a lot of fun on this map and it includes random mission parameters.

Known Bugs/Issues

Rawker did make this map for Multiplayer but also tried to include support for single player. Unfortunately he couldn?t get the Sherman levels to work which is fine for MP but as soon as you try to navigate the map in Single player your team will get stuck and stop following you which is a shame. Other than that its faultless.

Miscellaneous Points

The best features of this map are the destructible walls. It adds a whole new set of fun to playing this map and with a single M203 grenade you can open up a new passage inside to the warehouse?s. Usually located on corners you can blow away the wall. The other really cool thing is the tables you?ll find around the map, Rawker has tagged them as door so when you press space on them they will flip over on to there side meaning you can hide behind the, and fight. I thought this was pure genius and a big pat on the back to Rawker for that bit of ingenuity.


This is one of the best maps I?ve played and that?s including the Frostbite ones. A top notch job and well worth the download. Hours of fun in MP also and great for snipers. Rawker has to leave out the fog due to some technical issues and this makes snipers even deadlier. The only thing that lets down this map is the single player problems but it makes up for this is thousands of other ways. I don?t know what more I can say other than download this mod, Rawker is obviously someone who pays very close attention to detail and it really pays off. The map is very good and touches like telegraph poles, generators, cranes and waterfalls just top this map off. Something for everyone in here!

I give this mod 9.7/10 because it?s a top quality bit of work with loads of attention to detail.

Eye Candy




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I agree, this is a very well done and thought out map.

I've found so many cool things on this map, and many after I had been playing this map for awhile.

I played it with just one other person and we still managed to have a fun fair firefight, no running for hours not finding the opponent like in many other large maps.

I sure hope that Rawker makes another map, if its anything like this one it will be a winner for sure :D


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Hey guys thanks for the kind words, i'm still around but haven't been playing much GR though :( Between work, baseball, and friends i haven't been playing pc games that much or modding for that matter. When i have free time on my computer these days i'm working in Maya on some fight scenes (animation is another hobby of mine).

I'm glad you mentioned the flippable tables Chems, they are on my Market map as well and to be honest i don't think anyone knows that they exist except you :)

thanks to Rocky for the heads-up and Chems for the nice review.

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Congratulations for this wonderful map!!!

I play day map perfectly in single player, many times, as quick mission, no problem at all.

Is it possible to play night map in single player mode?

It would be nice...

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Im pretty sure there is an a option in there somewere, but if it is only availble in MP, just go into MP and host your own server and play with AI back up it wil be just the same!

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