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"The Rock" a map based on the movie?


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hey, no prob on the diagram. I have enough time between classes to do a little surfing but not enough free time to work this mod.

I just got in my copy of 3dsm and downloaded a ton of tuts from the community, but the homework comes first, you know. Maybe I'll hash out a bit on semester break, but the rest of you guys, don't wait on me.

Well, it was very much appreciated because it provided a lot of good information.

Glad to be of service. If you make it before I do, toss me a link for the d/l.

Count on it! :D

ps, I need a cool pic of the smiling buddha. Let me know if you can help.

Thanx..... :D

I will see what I can come up with for you. Do you want it as an avatar or a signature graphic, or both?

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Hey fellas Suicide Commando is absolutly right is was me that started it quite some time ago, but for those of u that are truely interested I still have the max file i was working with that u could use as is or use it as a reference, now mind u it was pretty rough at the time i stopped. Alot of my work was bassed off pictures from the web and that nice map that Pyro Monty has i ordered it off the net for $5 i think and it was a huge help. So anyone really interested leave me an email address here I'll be sure to be back and check the post. I dont do much gaming and no modding anymore so i just wander in this place every once and a while just to see whats going on.

Hey LP glad to see ur still around to bro what ever happened to that totally top secret map :( i was really looking forward to seeing it in final form, becasue what was done looked totally killer.

Here are the screens i posted ages ago.




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At one point I thought I might be getting 3ds max, so I had started the map in gmax, figuring when I got 3ds max I could transfer the file. I got most of the basic geometry of the outside done, when I found out it wouldn't work out for me to get 3dsmax (too darn expensive). If anyone is interested I could email that to you, see what you think or what you could do with it.


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when I found out it wouldn't work out for me to get 3dsmax (too darn expensive).


Check out this page. It's discreets promo site for 3dsm. If you click on "Order Demo CD" and fill out the form they will send you a FREE fully functioning 30 day demo CD. That's how I got my copy. Yeah, it's only 30 days, but it's fully functioning and that's better than nothing.

the bodhissatva

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