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Standard Upgrade by Earl

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my 2 cents:

i like how the weapons are all appropriate to classes and nationalities. other weapon mods give you french or british guns, but these are all weapons that US special forces would actually carry. IMHO this mod is for anyone who meets the requirements, whether they are playing modded missions, still finishing the original or to add a little (not much) replay value for those who finished it.

Great mod!

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The Fileplanet fiasco lost a lot of great material. I'm currently uploading a copy of this mod, in a zip file, sans installer. Link as soon as it's finished.

Standard Upgrade 1.1

You'll need to extract the folder and place it in \Program Files\Red Storm Entertainment\Ghost Recon\Mods\ manually.

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Wow, Dannik! Thank you. :D Patched and everything!

I'm on a fresh install after a year and a half. I was able to find a Ghost Recon: Gold today, so the rush is on to locate new textures and meshes. Everything else was lost in an HD crash. Bleh.

Thanks, again! :)

Oh, what's with the FilePlanet fiasco? I'm out of the loop. Did they have a major failure, or was a house cleaning? Finding my old mods is proving to be impossible.

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