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Standard Upgrade by Earl


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Standard Upgrade by Earl

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Required: Ghost Recon, Desert Siege, Island Thunder


This mod is a weapons mod designed not to give you many new weapons but to enhance the existing ones. It?s a very clever idea by Earl because RSE had to keep the poly counts low so that the weapons would run on the min spec. Earl has redone the weapons to a fine standard. The weapons redone and new weapons are: M16, M15/M203, M16 C-mag, M4, M4, MasterkeyM4 SOPMOD, M4 SOPMOD Desert, M24 Woodland, M24 Black, M82, M9, M9 SD, M249, M429 Para, M240, SR47 and the FAL Para. All these are assigned to the right classes and have proper Equip files.


These models are plainly super. They are the most outstanding models I?ve ever seen in a weapons mod. I cant comment on the poly counts as I don?t know what they are but I did used to have a 450Mhz Voodoo 3 16mb Graphics card and 128mb of RAM and Ghost Recon with Standard Upgrade on ran fine. This leads me to believe Earl has made amazing models with out a monster poly count. Earl researches his weapons and all the attachments you see on the weapons are spot on as far as I can tell.


This is what I believe makes this mod. The weapon models may be stunning but with out a great texture on them they would be no good. Earl has created textures that are photo realistic. I say created because Earl has cut all the source material he has up so small that he can fit all the texture on one small canvas to reduce load times. The one thing that does let the textures down is the fact that scopes and attachments come on separate canvas so when loading one weapon you may have to wait for 2 or 3 textures to load. But Earl has made such good use of space that they only all together equal a normal weapons canvas. The textures have such detail that if you stand behind your team mates you can actually see the dot on the scope and look down the scope there that good. The other thing that is really good is the variations. You can have your M24 Sniper rifle in black for those Urban Ops or camoed over for woodland. The M4 SOPMOD comes in desert camo that I was meant for Henry Ramirez the specialist of which Earl made a new CHR but never included.

Kit Icons

Earl has gone to the trouble of redoing the kit icons so you can see the new type of sights attached to weapons and also for new weapons such as the M4 Master Key and M249 Para. These icons like everything else are of top notch quality and as good as the RSE ones.


Because this mod is a standard upgrade no new sounds were need except for a Master Key sound. This sound is very good, it includes a nice hollow sound at the end as if the player is re loading a new shell in.

Known/Bug Issues

Earl found a strange problem that sometimes the M4 textures do not show up. This is of no fault of Earls and is one of those strange things the Ghost Recon engine does. I do believe there is a fix for it the later version but it will not affect your playing. If it happens try restarting the mission that will refresh the textures and fix it.


This standard of work in this mod is enough to put RSE to shame saying, ?why didn?t we make them that good!? The weapons, textures, equips files and kits are all faultless and if your 56k and don?t want to wait to download mods I suggest that you use your bandwidth on this mod. My personal favourite is the M249 Para and the M82. I also like the inclusion of bipods on the M249s and Sniper Rifles. My only 1 single thing I could find wrong with this mod was that when the Sniper Rifles are holster on the back, which was a nice touch, they seem to be floating in mid air. Look out for this guys work in Canadian Ops 2. Good Work Earl you are a ledge. Remember people once this mod is activated there is no need to deactivate it EVER!

I give this mod 10/10 and assure you that you wont download a better weapons mod.

Eye Candy

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I like his M249 Para model the best. Inspired me to do my own, but his takes the cake.

Also Chems, I remember Earl mentioning that he used the AT Helperpoint for the M24, which is why it does look odd when slung.

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I agree totaly on the point of this being one, if not the best, weapons mod for GR :D .

The only thing I wished was included (but hasn't and won't stop me from playing) was afew M16/M4 iron sight models. These would of been very cool with his detail of modeling.

Also the holster point problem is another GR fault, as War of Infamy tried to do the same thing and got the same results :wall: .

:thumbsup: :punk: :rofl:

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Everytime I see this screenshot, and then look at my M249, I want to trash mine and start over.  Earl's work is just perfect.  :santa:

He is the best there is. Why he hasn't yet been hired by a game company is beyond me.

If some game company hired Earl, who would that leave to make such pretty weapons?

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We may never know, but I know one thing - Earl's weapons are the best I've laid eyes on, for any game. A few guys from the CS community do some good stuff, but their poly count is insanely high - Earl's work is most punch for the poly.

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