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tears of the sun weapons


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the second rifle, was a xm-21, i belive, u can see it clearly when he goes to shoot the "spy" damn, what a shot. HOOYAH!

The M25's forestock (muzzle end) looks just like the M21's. And since the M25 has replaced a majority of the M21's in the Navy... I'm betting my money it's an M25/XM25. I'll have to watch the DVD again, see if I can spot any distinguishing features.


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I tried taking a look a at the scope/mounting, but there was always a bad view or there was ghillie material on it.

I also got a good look at "Flea's" (the sniper's) suppressed M4 when he was in the tree during the raid of the villiage that was being cleansed. It's definately not an ACOG (or an actual Aimpoint). I don't know what it is...

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Hey Stalker_Zero, keep on forgetting to mention the thanks for the sounds. I'm using it on a few weapons, and their good. Any chance in making a three round burst for the SOCOM one? I got a suppressed pistol with that capability..

I've also kept on some mission designs, which could use obviously the Desert Siege and IT maps, and maybe some of the originals. A mission mod is doable, just that me going to the field for a month is gonna really cut development short too, or once I finally finish my campaign, I can do that.

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