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SWEBAT 2005 - Progress Thread


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I ain't a 100% happy with the look of the mud

That's probably because the mud looks a bit "thin". Mud builds up over time, covering the surface underneath, showing it's own texture and not shining through (although on some spots it will still do that).

Adding more mud to the places where it naturally lands most will also make it more convincing. IE, on the inside and backside of the wheelcasings, on the frontside underneath the cabin. Things like that.

You could also add some other "irregularities" like smokestains deposited behind the exhausts, grease building up around the base of the turret as it's being squished out during operation, dust building up around the air-intakes as it collects dust when it sucks in the air.

It might go far but that's how professional artists look at things, and it makes sense.

This piece of text written by Leigh over at CGTalk explains it pretty easy. It really makes you look at objects in a different way and start thinking about how the world affects it's own surroundings.

Texturing For Dummies Part 1 by Leigh. (Don't blame me for the name, she called it that way...LOL)

Don't get me wrong though, the model and textures look awesome as they are now :yes:

I know how much work goes into making your own textures, most of the times surpassing even the time of building the entire model itself.

But it's worth every minute of it. It really adds a personal touch. :thumbsup:

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Looking good.

The thing with how nature affects things is the main thing about textures. It's most basic part is shadows. Just have to figure out where and how much everything is affected, and by what. That's why texturing is never really done as it can be worked on forever as things change. ;)

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Yeah I agree with what Deleyts sayin, it looks to thin in mud at parts. But I think you can get to taken in using the same brush. What I do is do it really quite dark, then use the rubber tool set with only like 14% fill and gently fade some parts more than others. It takes a while but it looks really good. But personally I think it looks amazing how it is.

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I have to agree that the mud just might be alittle too thin in areas, that's probably why I ain't happy with it ;) Main problem is that vehicles tend to be washed almost religiously while on deployment, during the time I spent in bosnia we washed our vehicles pretty much everytime we rolled back into the camp. The Bosnian mud is just to darn thick and sticky to be left on. :blink: I might just have another go at painting it though, muds in separate layers so it's easy to redo it

Going to test the texture ingame today though to fully find out how it looks.

@Tollen: Finally went past the frechfry stage huh mate. Guess I'm outranked now :o

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I'll be damned Wolfsong, never thought that about you! (just kidding :thumbsup: ) And yes, to honour the day, we had a dinner with the battalion commander and they served hamburgers with fries.

The humour in that: 2 golden stripes, or fries, for corpral;

3 for the swedish rank of furir (or sergeant in english), and as a staff sergeant you get a golden buckle with a star, i.e. the hamburger)

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Well, I've repainted the mud and it turned out alittle better this time around. Atleast I think it did :unsure: Might just end up getting repainted over and over again...lol



Also had alittle fun and tossed all SWEBAT vehicles plus some armed soldiers into a scene and rendered it out, you have to forgive the crap groud texture though.


Click for very large pic, 2048x1107 (650Kb)


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LOL...they do too!

The Pbv302 and GW does have some mud on them but not nearly asmuch as the Patgb203 does. The helo's have none but we all know how picky those flyboys are :P What I might do though is go in and paint some wear and tear + mud on the CV9040C, all depending on how much free time I get on my hands.

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Looks lovly. Liking the close up renders this time :D

On the Patgb203 I think your mud looks better, but you have those points of mud on the side going up quite high. But they seem to far forward. When the mud flicks off the wheel at speed it hits futher back thant that. And on the back, you want to track your mud right up the centre of the vehicle because as it moves it creates that sort of vacuum that sucks all the mud onto itself, why the back of our cars always get so dirty.

Heres my concept art, hope you dont mind. In my opinion, I think its already well surpassed the level of realism and detail for GR mod but we both know you like to aim higher than that. The blackbits are were I think the mud should go.



I said ages ago that the lines on your tank (Im not familure with Sweedish designations) were to dark. Specially on the turret. It really stands out in that last render. The way you do it now on the Patgb203 looks way better.

PS Please dont shoot me.

PPS A question, what is that like flagpole thing for on front of the Patgb203? Is it like some sort of massive BUIS.

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CV9040C ("Combat Vehicle" + "type 90" + "40mm gun" + "third production version")

And I agree. The lines that shows the sections of extra armor added to the C versions turret looks too dark. You can even see the difference well in the smaller picture.

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Not any more or less common then, say, a molotov cocktail, where you try to burn the crew alive (rather then decapitate them with a wire), or an antenna bomb, a variant of an anti-vehicle land mine, buth rather then having a step-on activating fuse, this one has an antenna looking trigger that activates the mine when it's tilted. You place it in the middle of the road (rather then having to aproximate where the vehicle's wheel/track would pass for the regular mine), and as the vehicle passes over the mine, it tilts the antenna looking trigger (that looks much like a long blade of grass), and the mine detonates, launching a plate of volfram enriched steel trough the belly of the vehicle. Both the plate and pieces of vehicle's belly then fragments into deadly shrapnels that shreads the crew...sorry for being so graffic :P

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